The Top 6 Lit Games to Play When You’re Blazed

The Top 6 Lit Games to Play When You're Blazed

Yo, what’s good? If you’re like me, you know that playing games while lit is one of the best things to do ever. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or just love getting zooted with your boho crew, you gotta admit that stoned game night is a vibe. Especially when the game is all about that herb.

Unlike other games that require strategy and concentration, stoner games are built on the premise that everyone is too high to focus. The best stoner games are all about connecting with your crew, getting super lit, and laughing your butt off.

I know video games are cool and all, but I’m talking about real-life game nights with your homies. These are the types of memories and inside jokes that you’ll cherish for years to come. So let me put y’all onto some of my favorite games to play while high:

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Suddenly Stoned

This low-key card game is so easy to play. You don’t even need to keep score if you don’t want to. All you gotta do is draw a card and do what it says. The more stoned y’all get, the crazier the commands become. You gotta play this with at least three people, though. Some of my favorite cards include “play hide and seek,” “correctly guess what time it is,” and “draw the person to your left.” And there are some cards that require everyone to participate, while others are solo tasks.

Bonus: This game is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack

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Listen up, my fellow party folks. Cards Against Humanity has a weed-themed expansion pack, and it’s a must-have for all y’all who love playing card games and smoking pot. This pack delivers the same gameplay as the original game but with a weedy twist that even non-smokers can appreciate.

High Standards

Weedmaps created its own stoner game called High Standards in partnership with Fitz Games. This card game is faster-paced than most truth-or-dare style games, featuring mini-games in its deck. This game is best played with between four to ten high folks and includes tasks such as “Pitch The Invention” and “What’s My Price?” Trust me when I say this game is essential for any stoner game night.


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If you’re feeling nostalgic for a kid-friendly game that’s super whimsical, then Ganjaland might be what you need in your life. It’s like Candyland but for stoners! The rules are simple enough for anyone who’s high as a kite to understand (trust me). All you gotta do is advance towards the castle by drawing cards and either doing something simple like taking a puff or completing an action card that requires more effort.

Hot Box Cypress Hill Expansion Pack

Hot Box is another fill-in-the-blanks card game that’s similar to Cards Against Humanity but not quite as good (IMO). However, if you’re a fan of Cypress Hill, they have an expansion pack written by them. If you’re into their music and vibe, then this pack will probably be worth it for you.

420 – The Card Game

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Last but not least is 420 – The Card Game. As with most card drawing games aimed at stoners, the goal here is to deliver hilarious moments that’ll hit especially hard if everyone playing is super stoned. You can choose to keep score or not, and it can be played with just three people or an entire group. And get this: every card played represents either a point scored or lost, and players have to take hits for every point lost or gained. So make sure you have plenty of herb on hand before starting a round of this!

In conclusion, there are plenty of dope games out there for y’all who love getting lit with your friends. Whether it’s Suddenly Stoned or Ganjaland, there’s something out there for everyone who loves weed and having fun. So grab some buds (of both varieties) and start playing!

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