Texas AG Be Like Nah, Not Cool! Suing 5 Cities for Chillaxin’ Weed Laws

Texas AG Be Like Nah, Not Cool! Suing 5 Cities for Chillaxin' Weed LawsYo, what’s good, fam? It’s ya boy Dan, coming at you with some wild news. So, peep this: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ain’t playin’ around. Homeboy just filed lawsuits against five cities that had the audacity to pass marijuana decriminalization laws. Can you believe that? Austin, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin, and Denton are all in the hot seat for adopting amnesty and non-prosecution policies for weed. And according to Paxton’s office, that’s a big no-no in Texas.

Now, let me break it down for you. In 2022, these five cities said “nah” to enforcing those whack state laws that criminalize Mary Jane. They basically told their cops to chill when it comes to busting people for possession and distribution of cannabis. And that didn’t sit well with Paxton and his crew. They claim that these policies go against the Texas Local Government Code, which straight-up says that cities can’t just decide not to enforce drug laws.

Paxton spit some fire in a statement, saying, “I ain’t gonna just stand by while these cities run by pro-crime extremists break the law and promote the use of drugs that mess up our communities.” He went on to say that Texas needs a law to “follow the law.” Real profound stuff right there, bro.

But yo, here’s the kicker. Paxton dropped some knowledge bombs about Article 9, Section 5 of the Texas Constitution. Apparently, it’s illegal for cities to pass ordinances that don’t line up with laws made by the Texas Legislature. So now Paxton is taking these cities to court, asking them to throw out their decriminalization laws and force local officials to follow state law.

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But hold up! Progressive leaders ain’t havin’ it. Julie Oliver from Ground Game Texas, a crew that’s all about pushing for progressive change, is callin’ out Paxton’s move. She straight-up called it an attack on Texans’ right to make their own rules at the local level. Oliver dropped some knowledge, saying, “These lawsuits are an anti-democratic assault on the constitutional authority of Texas Home Rule cities.” She added that folks in these cities voted in favor of decriminalization to fight racial bias and save resources for things that actually matter.

Let’s take a trip to Denton real quick. This city of 140,000 peeps in the Dallas-Fort Worth area voted to decriminalize small-time weed offenses back in November 2022. And yo, they made history with this move. More than 32,000 voters were down with the cause, making it the city’s most gangsta voter turnout ever. Nick Stevens from Decriminalize Denton was hyped, saying, “This ordinance got more votes than any council member or mayor ever!” The people really came together to reclaim their power in the city.

But here’s the twist: Denton’s decriminalization policy hasn’t been fully put into effect yet. The cops are still handing out citations for minor weed offenses. These dudes need to get their act together and follow through with what the people voted for. The Denton City Council even had a chance to strengthen the ordinance, but they voted against it. Weak move, guys.

Now, let me drop some knowledge about this new law that’s causing all this drama. HB 2127 came through last year and put restrictions on home rule authority. What’s that you ask? It’s when local governments have the power to make policies that work for their own peeps. But cities like Denton, San Antonio, Waco, and Plano said, “Oh hell no” and sued over this law because it limits their ability to do their own thing. They argued that home rule lets them address issues that are specific to their communities. And they got a point, fam.

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Yo, here’s where it gets messy. Stevens, the dude from Decriminalize Denton, is saying that HB 2127 doesn’t even cover marijuana decriminalization. He’s basically saying that Paxton needs to read the law before he starts wasting taxpayer money with his bogus lawsuits. Shots fired, my dude!

But the fight ain’t over yet. Ground Game Texas is making moves in Dallas to decriminalize weed there too. It’s called the Dallas Freedom Act, and it’s all about putting an end to most arrests and citations for minor weed offenses. They also want city leaders to report on how they’re enforcing cannabis laws and make sure no city funds are used for testing hemp and weed. Tristeza Ordex, the campaign manager for Ground Game Texas, said this initiative is gonna reduce unnecessary arrests, tackle racial disparities in weed enforcement, and save some serious cash for public safety programs. Sounds like a plan, fam.

So there you have it, folks. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is on a mission to shut down cities trying to decriminalize weed. But progressive leaders and grassroots organizations ain’t backing down. They’re fighting for the people and their right to make their own rules when it comes to Mary Jane. Stay tuned to see how this battle plays out, my friends.

Peace out!

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