Study Shows Weed Helps Ppl Ditch Sleep Meds & Wake Up Lit AF

Study Shows Weed Helps Ppl Ditch Sleep Meds & Wake Up Lit AFYo, peep this study, fam. Researchers at Washington State University did a survey on folks who use weed to catch some Z’s. Turns out, most of these sleep-troubled individuals prefer lighting up a joint or hitting a THC or CBD vape over popping pills or sippin’ on syrup to help them drift off into dreamland. And the next morning, they wake up feelin’ fresher and more focused with less of the nasty aftereffects.

Now, these psychology heads at WSU published their findings in the Exploration of Medicine journal last month, claimin’ it’s the first time someone’s really compared weed to prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids. The study included over a thousand participants who’ve been dealin’ with sleep problems for at least five years, with most of ’em usin’ ganja to get their shut-eye fix for about a year.

Nearly 82 percent of these cannabis connoisseurs said they don’t mess with prescription or OTC sleep meds anymore, ditched ’em in favor of the green goodness. And more than half of ’em light up every night before bed, either puffin’ on joints, vaping flower, or takin’ some dope cannabis oil. Edibles and vape pens are also in rotation for about a third of ’em. Seems like inhalin’ the herb is the go-to method for these folks strugglin’ to catch some Z’s.

Most of ’em reach for high-THC products, but some go for that balanced THC-CBD blend too. When it comes to terpenes, myrcene reigns supreme among these night owls.

According to Carrie Cuttler, one of the researchers behind this lit study, these consumers are onto something with myrcene. Apparently, this terp can help promote better sleep, and these weed users are vibin’ with that idea.

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When asked how weed helps them sleep better, they said it chills out their body and mind, helps ’em stay asleep longer and deeper without any interruptions. And when compared to other sleep aids like pills or syrup, these cannabis heads felt way more refreshed and focused in the mornin’, with fewer headaches and less nausea than those who didn’t blaze up.

Now, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows with Mary Jane. Some side effects were reported, like dry mouth and red eyes (no surprise there), but there were also some unexpected downsides like feelin’ more sleepy, anxious, or irritable the next day.

But even with these side effects, researchers think they might be easier to handle than what you’d get from traditional sleep aids. The study suggests that cannabis could be a better choice overall when it comes to dealing with sleep troubles.

So if you’re strugglin’ to count sheep at night, maybe consider sparkin’ up instead of poppin’ pills. But remember, not everyone will find relief in the green herb – more research is needed to fully understand how it affects our sleep patterns.

And hey, other studies have shown that weed can improve sleep quality for folks strugglin’ with health issues or neurological disorders too. So maybe roll one up tonight and see if you wake up feelin’ fresher and more focused in the morning.

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Just remember – stay woke and keep puffin’. Peace out!

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