Study Shows Field Drug Test Fails Got Folks Locked Up for Nothin’

Study Shows Field Drug Test Fails Got Folks Locked Up for Nothin'Yo, check this out. So, apparently, there’s this study by the University of Pennsylvania that found that mad people out here gettin’ arrested for crimes they didn’t even do, all because of some bogus drug test. Like, tens of thousands of innocent peeps are gettin’ caught up in this mess every year. It’s straight-up messed up, man.

This research was done by the University of Pennsylvania Penn Carey Law School’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice. They analyzed a whole bunch of data from different agencies across the country to see how these field drug tests are screwin’ people over. And let me tell you, it’s the biggest reason why so many people end up falsely arrested and convicted in this messed up system we got.

Get this, fam. They found that over 773,000 of these field drug tests are done each year with these color-based presumptive tests that ain’t even reliable. Like, they straight-up give false positive results and make it seem like someone got drugs when they don’t. It’s crazy! They don’t even know the exact error rate, but they estimate that around 30,000 innocent folks get caught up in this mess every single year.

This dude named Des Walsh, founder of the Roadside Drug Test Innocence Alliance, spoke on this issue. He said that these cheap $2.00 roadside drug test kits are known for giving false positives. And this study proves just how much damage they cause, especially to African Americans who get hit the hardest. He wants to work with law enforcement and other peeps to fix this mess and stop innocent people from getting arrested and convicted because of these bogus tests.

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Now, here’s the crazy part. These tests were only supposed to be used as a preliminary check for drugs ’cause they ain’t reliable at all. But somehow, they became a major part of our legal system. Like, 90% of prosecutors surveyed in this study said they let people plead guilty without even verifying the field test results with a legit toxicology lab. That ain’t right, man.

The Quattrone Center assistant director, Ross Miller, straight-up said that these tests were never meant to be the final say on whether someone did drugs or not. But in our messed up system, where trials are rare and plea bargains are the norm, these janky tests become the deciding factor in way too many criminal cases. And that’s how innocent people end up locked up.

And get this, fam. Two-thirds of the drug labs in this study said they don’t even bother verifying positive results from these field tests when peeps plead guilty. Like, they just go with it and don’t even bother double-checking. That’s straight-up lazy and irresponsible, man.

Oh, and there’s more. This study also found that black folks are three times more likely than white folks to get falsely arrested ’cause of these bogus tests. That’s some racist BS right there. It’s like they targetin’ black peeps and throwin’ ’em in jail for no reason.

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And you won’t believe what these test kit manufacturers are sayin’. When the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office found out that their cocaine field-testing kits were giving false positives, they stopped using ’em right away. But when they asked the owner of the company about it, he straight-up said that this ain’t the first time they had false positives. He called it the “nature of the beast.” That’s some shady stuff right there, man.

This report got some recommendations to fix this whole mess. They say we need regular audits to check the error rate of these field tests. And they want police to let peeps go if they arrest ’em for drug possession until a legit lab test can confirm the results. They also want confirmatory testing whenever someone pleads guilty. Basically, they say we need to stop relying on these bogus tests or at least use more accurate ones.

The director of the Quattrone Center, Paul Heaton, said we need to fix this messed up system. Law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the public all want a fair and accurate criminal process. And that starts with changin’ how we use these presumptive tests. We gotta make sure innocent people ain’t gettin’ locked up for crimes they ain’t commit.

So, let’s hope this study leads to some real change, man. We can’t be out here arrestin’ innocent peeps just ’cause of some bogus drug test. It’s time to fix this broken system and make things right.

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