Stuck in the Same Spot? – Prez Biden’s Same Old Weed Talk Dragging for 4 Years and Counting

Stuck in the Same Spot? - Prez Biden's Same Old Weed Talk Dragging for 4 Years and CountingYo, peep this – the American Cannabis Collective (ACC) ain’t happy with President Joe Biden’s lack of action on federal cannabis laws and his campaign promises. The ACC co-founder, Don Murphy, straight-up called out Biden for ghosting the voters who had his back during the election, especially those in Black and Brown neighborhoods who got shafted by the War on Drugs. Biden’s crew promised to stop busting heads for just having some weed on them, but guess what? The War on Drugs is still going strong thanks to these bogus laws.

Then you got Carl Cameron, another ACC co-founder, throwing shade at Biden for talking about “cannabis pardons” like it’s a big deal when it’s all just empty talk. That so-called pardon Biden dropped back in October 2022 didn’t do squat – no prisoners got released, and it didn’t cover state-level drug charges. Total flop, if you ask me.

And let’s not forget Gretchen Gailey, yet another ACC co-founder, pointing out that the majority of folks are down with legalizing weed. A Gallup Poll showed that 70% of people are cool with it – the highest support ever since they started tracking this stuff back in 1969. But Biden keeps feeding us these vague promises instead of actually doing something to help the 400,000 folks working in the cannabis industry and patients who need access to their medicine.

President Biden talks a big game but doesn’t follow through with any real action. In his latest State of the Union address before he gears up for reelection, he told his Cabinet to think about changing how marijuana is classified at the federal level. He keeps bragging about all these pardons he handed out for weed possession, saying nobody should be locked up just for smoking a little ganja.

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But let’s keep it real – those pardons were mostly for show. They didn’t clear anyone’s criminal record or get non-violent offenders out of prison. It was all smoke and mirrors to make him look good without actually doing anything substantial.

Some peeps think Biden’s posturing on weed might boost his chances at reelection this November. A survey showed that once folks heard about his plan to maybe reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances Act, more people started liking him. But just so we’re clear, rescheduling won’t make weed legal or fix the damage caused by prohibition – it’ll mainly help state cannabis businesses get tax breaks they’re missing out on.

The buzz is that the DEA might make a move on this rescheduling recommendation soon – maybe even before the election. But there’s no set timeline yet. Groups like military veterans and law enforcement want weed rescheduled too, so there’s pressure from all sides.

On top of all this, Vice President Kamala Harris is reaching out to folks who got those pot pardons to make sure everything’s going smoothly with their cases and discuss broader changes to cannabis laws.

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Advocates are tired of Biden talking a big game without backing it up with real changes. They want legalization, clearing criminal records, and actual reform, not just lip service. With the election coming up fast, they’re pushing Biden to put his money where his mouth is and make good on those campaign promises.

So yeah, Biden may talk a good game on weed reform, but advocates like the American Cannabis Collective aren’t buying it. They want concrete action, not empty promises. Let’s hope Biden steps up and delivers on his commitments before it’s too late.

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