Strawberry Cough: A Sweet and Uplifting Sativa – Blog Post

Strawberry Cough: A Sweet and Uplifting Sativa - Blog PostYo, what’s poppin’ fam? It’s ya boy Dan here to tell you about that fire strain, Strawberry Cough. This sativa hybrid ain’t playin’ around—it’s all about that uplifting and energizing vibe. Let me put you on game about the history, effects, and flavor of this sweet herb.

So, Strawberry Cough ain’t just any old strain, it’s got some legit ties to the legend Kyle Kushman. This strain first dropped in Connecticut back in ’99 and quickly made waves thanks to Kyle reppin’ it hard in the 2000s.

Now, when it comes to the origin story of Strawberry Cough, let me break it down for you. Kyle didn’t actually create this bad boy, he just put it on the map. He got a clone of Strawberry Cough as a thank-you gift from a grower friend in Bridgeport. When he brought that clone back to Brooklyn, the sweet aroma had him hooked.

This hybrid is a mix of Haze and Strawberry Fields, which is some frosty indica from upstate New York. Word on the street is that Strawberry Fields was grown next to actual strawberry fields to mask her dank smell. And somehow, she picked up that fresh strawberry scent over time. Crazy, right?

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Now, when it comes to the flavor and aroma of Strawberry Cough, it’s all about those fresh strawberries. Picture sippin’ on a daiquiri or munchin’ on a strawberry tart—that’s the vibe we’re talkin’ about here.

As for the effects of Strawberry Cough, get ready for that clear-headed, focused high that’ll have you feelin’ like a boss. It’s perfect for gettin’ creative, smashing work tasks, or just chillin’ outdoors with your crew. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker for social situations—helps you loosen up and vibe with those around you.

But yo, this strain ain’t no joke—it’s packin’ around 19% THC, so be ready for that potent punch. Side effects might include dry eyes and mouth or a lil paranoia, but overall users are lovin’ this strain.

When it comes to growin’ your own Strawberry Cough at home, don’t stress. Despite its sativa genes, it’s actually pretty easy to cultivate. Keep an eye on her stretch during flowering and maybe give her some extra nitrogen to help those buds grow.

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If you’re lookin’ to cop some seeds and grow your own sativa stash at home, check out Royal Queen Seeds for some top-notch options. While they don’t offer Strawberry Cough specifically, they got other fire strains like Shining Silver Haze that’ll give you that same uplifting energy.

So there you have it—the lowdown on Strawberry Cough. Next time you’re lookin’ for that sweet and energizing high, grab yourself some of this fire strain and enjoy the ride. Stay lifted, fam!

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