Stackin’ Cash by Recyclin’ Old Dirt

Stackin' Cash by Recyclin' Old DirtYo, listen up fam. If you tryna grow that loud without spendin’ all yo cash on new soil every time, I got some tips for you on reusing that old soil for your cannabis plants. It’s easy, saves you money, and keeps the earth happy too.

So, we all know that weed be suckin’ up all them nutrients like a vacuum, right? Nitrogen during veg, calcium and magnesium in flower – the plant be leavin’ that soil depleted. But it also be makin’ that soil fluffier and better structured, so it ain’t all bad.

First things first, keep yo soil healthy from the jump. Regular fertilizin’, compostin’, and mulchin’ will keep it in top shape. And if you into companion plantin’, mix in some alfalfa, clover, and marigold to keep that soil fresh and disease-free.

Now, if yo soil lookin’ crusty and dusty, you gonna need to rehab that ish before reusin’ it. Soil can get hydrophobic, nutrient-depleted, or just straight-up jacked up from bakin’ in the sun.

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And yo, if that soil got some pathogens or just ain’t healthy, don’t be foolin’ around. Bag that ish up and toss it – don’t spread no diseases around. Wash yo hands, wash them pots – keep it clean, ya feel me?

Now, if you tryna clean that old soil up real nice, you can use enzymes to break down the dead stuff and make it all fresh again. Remove them roots, add them enzymes, throw in some worm castings and humic acid, let it chill for a few months – boom, good as new.

But if you ain’t got time for all that waitin’, you can boil that soil instead. Break it down, remove them roots and worms, boil it up with some water, let it dry in the sun – quick and dirty.

And don’t forget about coco coir and perlite – you can reuse that too. Break it up, wash it off with enzymes or hydrogen peroxide, add some new stuff in there – good to go.

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And if you just ain’t feelin’ the whole process of rehabbin’ yo soil, just toss it in the compost bin and let nature do its thing. Or use it as a top dressing for yo raised beds – easy peasy.

So remember fam, you can always reuse that soil but you gotta put in the work. It’s worth it in the end though – save money, save the earth, and grow some bomb-ass weed.

3 thoughts on “Stackin’ Cash by Recyclin’ Old Dirt”

  1. Yo, this idea is dope! Turnin trash into cash be real smart. We gotta start thinkin bout how we can make more money while helpin the planet too. Props to the person who came up with this!

  2. Yo this mad smart, neva knew you could make bank off recyclin old dirt! Gonna try this hustle fo real. Respect!


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