Real OG Growing or Organic Boosters: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Real OG Growing or Organic Boosters: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Yo, what’s good people? It’s your boy, Dan, and I’m here to drop some knowledge on y’all about true organic growing versus organic nutrients. Don’t get it twisted, there’s a big difference between these two things and if you want those dream yields, you gotta have perfect knowledge about everything regarding growing. Trust me, it’s fascinating stuff.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. When we talk about “organic” growing, we mean that everything used to build up the plant was gotten from living things. No compound salts or inorganic pesticides allowed. We’re talking natural soil and natural nutrients only. If you want to copy nature as closely as possible, you gotta use something called “living” soil.

Living soil is where it’s at when it comes to getting the best bud taste and smell. It’s full of helpful microorganisms and microfauna that create a rich and interwoven soil food web. These little critters break down the nutrients in the soil, making them easier for roots to absorb. And get this – the plant releases substances at the roots which feed the soil area. It’s like a beneficial circle of life! When these living things are missing from the soil, it’s way harder for your plant to get the nutrients it needs.

But not all natural soil is created equal. Soil needs to be treated for a few months so that useful microorganisms have time to colonize and start breaking down nutrients. When you buy standard planting soil at the store, chances are it hasn’t been recently treated. You can buy treated soil that’s been modified specifically for plants like cannabis though.

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But hold up, what if your plant has been left in a container for too long? As plants get bigger, they may start to use up all the nutrients in the soil. In that case, you can improve your living soil with organic nutrients like compost tea or bottled supplements.

Now, some of y’all might be wondering if chemical nutrients kill all the beneficial life in the soil. The answer is yes and no. Synthetic nutrients won’t kill all of the animals in the soil outright, but they can out-compete them. The soil food web can start to collapse over time as first the microorganisms and parasites disappear from lack of exudates from the roots.

So when it comes down to it, there is no “best” way to grow cannabis with regards to soil. Both living soil and organic nutrients have their pros and cons. You just gotta figure out what works best for you.

But don’t just take my word for it – here are some tips on how to grow organic cannabis with living soil:

1. Get yourself some living soil (make it or get it)

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2. Germinate your seeds (or clones)

3. Water your plants as needed

4. When it comes time for flowering/budding stage, switch up your lights and wait for harvest time!

So there you have it folks – everything you need to know about true organic growing versus organic nutrients. Now go out there and get growing!

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