New German Study Debunks Fear of High THC Weed – MMJ Patients Chill with Strong Strains

New German Study Debunks Fear of High THC Weed - MMJ Patients Chill with Strong StrainsYo, peep this, medical marijuana patients ain’t trippin’ bout that high THC flower, a German study says. Fear mongers be tryna scare us with all that talk ’bout psychosis and mental health issues, blamin’ it on potent weed strains. But let me tell you somethin’, the weed game done changed and these days, strains be hittin’ up to 25% THC easy when you hit up a legal dispensary. But hold up, before you start buggin’, high THC cannabis actually got some benefits for medical marijuana patients.

Now I ain’t sayin’ high THC flower is for everybody, nah mean? But for them seasoned heads and medical patients, it’s like a gift from the heavens. This study outta Germany found that medical marijuana patients who be smokin’ that high THC flower ain’t reportin’ no major side effects. They surveyed over 1,000 patients who had the green light to puff on that medicinal herb. The flower they was smokin’ tested at around 22% potency, and most of the patients said it helped them out with their medical symptoms. They even reported feelin’ hungry, dry mouth, and sleepy – ain’t nothin’ dangerous ’bout that.

The UK got in on the action too with a similar study showin’ the benefits of high THC cannabis for medical patients. So don’t be fooled by all them naysayers talkin’ smack ’bout that high potency THC.

When it comes to smokin’ that loud, you gotta start slow and go slow. Don’t be jumpin’ into smokin’ 25% THC flower if you ain’t used to it. Build up that tolerance over time and you’ll be straight. Them daily smokers be havin’ less performance changes compared to them occasional heads. So don’t be judgin’ all high THC users the same, ’cause everyone’s tolerance level different.

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Surprisingly, just cause you smokin’ that high THC weed don’t mean you automatically gon’ get super faded. Researchers found that potency didn’t track with intoxication levels, so don’t just assume you gon’ be couch-locked after one hit.

Now don’t be scared of them side effects of high THC cannabis either. Yeah, you might feel sick or dizzy if you ain’t used to it, but when done right, there can be some real benefits. Medical patients find it more cost-effective to use potent THC products since they need less to get relief. Some people need that high dosage for pain relief and other conditions, so don’t knock it till you try it.

At the end of the day, high THC cannabis ain’t all bad. Just know your limits and keep some CBD around just in case things get too lit. High THC can be a powerful tool for healing if used responsibly.

So next time someone tries to tell you high potency THC is dangerous, tell ’em to chill out and do their research. High potency cannabis can be a game-changer for medical patients in need of relief. Keep on puffin’, my friends!

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