Mastercard Cracking Down on Mary Jane Buys: Dopest Blessing for the Bud Biz?

Mastercard Cracking Down on Mary Jane Buys: Dopest Blessing for the Bud Biz?

Yo, listen up! This article is all about Mastercard, the big boss in payment processing, straight up blocking PIN-based debit card transactions for buying weed. It’s a real bummer for the regulated cannabis industry, man, ’cause they already got limited payment options for their customers.

According to the peeps at Bloomberg, Mastercard, the second-largest payment solutions provider in the world, sent a message to banks and payment processors saying they gotta stop processing debit card purchases for that dank. And why? Well, it’s ’cause of those strict federal regulations that keep banks from dealing with marijuana businesses, even if they’re legit under state law. So, most banks don’t wanna mess with cannabis companies and won’t offer services like credit card processing to them.

Mastercard’s spokesperson said they found out that some cannabis dispensaries were actually accepting debit cards for weed buys. Can you believe that? So, they did their own investigation and decided to put a stop to it. They told the banks to cut it out and not let those transactions happen no more.

The spokesperson also made it clear that since the government still sees cannabis sales as illegal, Mastercard’s systems won’t allow those kinds of purchases. So, they’re just following the law, man.

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Now, the industry ain’t happy with this news at all. Customers are gonna have to use more cash now, which is a pain in the butt and risky too. But here’s the thing, guys: it was never actually legal to use your Visa or Mastercard to buy weed in America. Both those companies have said it over and over again. Any system that tried to get around that was considered “illegal” or “cloaking” by them.

But maybe there’s a silver lining here for the cannabis industry, you know? Let’s think positive for a sec:

1. Safety is important, man. This move might bring attention to the safety concerns for employees and customers. California’s already dealing with a bunch of dispensary break-ins and robberies, and this is just gonna make it worse. No politician wants to answer questions about putting voters in danger, right?

2. The cannabis industry is already raking in billions in the US, maybe even $13.2 billion, some folks say. That’s a whole lotta money, man. Going all cash is just not gonna work. The government might have to make a change to keep things safe, track transactions, and collect those sweet tax dollars. Plus, this move might give the illegal market a boost ’cause they’re already using cash or cash apps.

3. Going all cash doesn’t just sound like a hassle, bro. It also creates an opportunity for money laundering and drug cartels to get into the legal cannabis game. The DEA and ATF won’t be happy about more organized crime in the marijuana industry.

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4. Is Mastercard trying to send a message to the government? Like, “Yo, enough is enough! Get your act together so we can run a proper business with credit cards, banking, tracking, CYA documents, and let’s make cannabis as normal as alcohol and tobacco!” Maybe they’re playing the long game, man. They see the bigger picture and want a federal change in laws or at least banking rules.

5. The US government seems to be choking off the money supply for the legal cannabis industry with these crackdowns on cashless ATMs and now Mastercard’s getting tough too. They did the same thing with online gambling back in the day. If they can’t stop you, they’ll stop the money flow and slowly put you outta business. But guess what? Now we got legal sports betting and big players ready to move in. Could be something similar happening here with cannabis.

So, what are the dispensaries gonna do now that Mastercard’s saying no to debit card purchases? They’re scrambling for new answers, man. This dude named Peter Su, who works at Hanover Bank and knows a thing or two about cannabis banking, has been getting a lot of calls about it. People are all worried and stuff.

Last year, some ATM processors shut down those cashless ATMs that dispensaries were using. You could use your debit card to take out cash and then pay for your weed. But now, with Mastercard cracking down on PIN debit, the options are limited to ACH transactions (whatever the hell that is) or just plain old cash. It’s a challenge for the industry, man.

But there’s hope, bros! The SAFE Banking Act could be the answer. It’s a federal law that could finally give the cannabis industry access to traditional banking services. That means credit card processing and all that good stuff. It’s got support from both sides of the aisle in Congress, but it hasn’t become law yet. The House of Representatives passed it seven times, but the Senate needs to get off its butt and vote.

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The CEO of Curaleaf, this big player in the cannabis market, says it’s urgent to pass this law. He knows how much the industry has grown and how much money it’s making. It’s one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US, man! And it’s creating jobs and bringing in tax dollars. Plus, most Americans want weed to be legal nationwide.

So, come on government! Pass that law already! Let the cannabis industry do its thing and contribute to the economy. It’ll create jobs, boost regulation, and make things safer for everyone. And we need those credit cards for our weed purchases, man!

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