Mary J’s Got Your Eyes Bloodshot When You’re High – Here’s Why

Mary J's Got Your Eyes Bloodshot When You're High - Here's Why

Yo, I’m Dan and let’s talk about the red eyes you get after smoking weed. Back in the day, marijuana was a no-go and people had to hide their bloodshot eyes from everyone. But now, things have changed and we’re gradually accepting weed for its health benefits. However, the issue of red eyes still remains. So, let’s break it down for you. 

The Science Behind Red Eyes 

When you smoke weed, the chemical compounds in it called cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system. This increases your heart rate and blood pressure, similar to exercising or having sex. After about ten minutes, this will start to decrease, but your capillaries and blood vessels will dilate, including the ones in your eyes. This leads to the redness of your eyes that we all know and love (or hate). 

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Variety of Redness Levels 

Everyone is different, so how red your eyes get will depend on various factors such as your gender, health, and tolerance to cannabinoids. For some people, their high blood pressure means they won’t get red eyes at all. But if you have low blood pressure, then you’ll definitely look like you just smoked a fat blunt. 

Delivery Method Doesn’t Matter 

Contrary to popular belief, smoking isn’t the only way to get red eyes. No matter how you ingest weed – whether it’s through edibles or vaping – you can still get red eyes because it’s the cannabinoids that are responsible for it. 

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Why Red Eyes Are Good 

Now, don’t freak out when you see yourself in the mirror with those bloodshot eyes. It’s actually a good thing! The more red your eyes are, the higher the concentration of THC in your marijuana strain. So basically, red eyes mean you got some fire weed. 

Getting Rid of Red Eyes 

If you’re still self-conscious about your red eyes, there are ways to reduce or eliminate them. First off, try a marijuana strain with a lower THC percentage. You can also use eye drops that specifically target redness or stay hydrated by drinking water. Washing your face with cold water or letting it run its course are other options too. 

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Final Thoughts 

So there you have it – a breakdown of why we get red eyes after smoking weed and how to deal with it. Don’t worry too much about it though – there are no harmful effects associated with red eyes and it’s just a natural part of the experience. So sit back, light up, and embrace those bloodshot eyes like a true stoner. 

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