Kern County, Cali Pigs Shut Down Seven Bootleg Dispensaries

Kern County, Cali Pigs Shut Down Seven Bootleg Dispensaries

Yo, check it out fam. The Kern County Sheriff’s office deputies straight up shut down seven dispensaries in Rosamond, California. According to the Sierra Sun Times, these spots were selling fire bud, had dope loyalty programs, and even offered raffles and other lit promos. Honestly, they were practically identical to the legit dispensaries in nearby towns that allow retail sales.

But here’s the thing, my homies. While you can grow your own green in Kern County, dispensaries are a no-go in most places. It’s like a constant battle to keep these illegal businesses in check, ya feel me?

According to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post, on September 6, 2023, around 7:45 p.m., they raided those seven illegal dispensaries in Rosamond. The Kern County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force and investigators from the Kern County District Attorney’s Office were all up in there too. Oh, and don’t forget the California Department of Fish and Wildlife/Cannabis Enforcement Program, California Department of Cannabis Control, and the Kern County Probation Department also helped out with this operation.

Now, if you peep the photos on Facebook, you’ll see some hella good deals. You could cop two grams for just $15 or four grams for $30. And there were even some cheap shake bags up for grabs too.

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But let me tell you, not everyone was feeling this bust. One person straight up called it a lame waste of county resources. Another said they got busted ’cause they weren’t paying their dues to Bakersfield. The Facebook post also had some dope pics of the inside of the dispensaries and even a weapon found on one of the suspects.

So let me break it down for you, my fam. All seven dispensaries were breaking the law by violating County and State Health and Safety Code ordinances. The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration also helped out the sheriff’s office in this whole operation. Here are the spots that got busted:

1. Lights Out Wellness on 1739 Poplar Street

2. Wicked Weed on 2763 Sierra Hwy

3. The Location on 2613 Diamond Street

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4. Mr. 5 Gramz on 2665 Diamond Street

5. AV Wellness on 2689 Sierra Hwy

6. Plum Tree Collective on 2873 Sierra Hwy

7. CBD Plus on 2753 Diamond

Yo, these dispensaries had mad violations of building codes too. So the county said they were unsafe and shut ’em down.

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Now, let’s talk about the suspects, my peeps. The cops arrested 17 individuals during these raids. They hit ’em with all sorts of charges for allegedly breaking the law. Some of these fools even had outstanding warrants, damn.

But here’s the deal, Kern County ain’t about that cannabis life. Most areas in Kern County don’t mess with cannabis retail stores, according to California Cannabis Information. They got this Cannabis Ordinance thing going on that bans those businesses, except for California City and Arvin.

And let me tell you, the people in these parts ain’t cool with weed in their communities either. In 2018, more than half of Kern County residents voted against legalizing adult-use cannabis. So it’s no surprise that the county is always cracking down on illegal weed activity, including hot hemp and all that other illegal stuff.

A few years back, Kern County officials found over 10 million cannabis plants that were too hot to be considered hemp. That’s right, they were worth over a billion dollars! The police raided those fields and it turned out those growers were raising marijuana instead of hemp. They had way too much THC in ’em, which ain’t cool under California law.

In another incident, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office got a tip about hot hemp in Arvin. They teamed up with the FBI and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to investigate. And guess what? They found over 450 acres of hot hemp! Those fields had way too much THC, way over the legal limit for hemp.

So let me leave you with this, my dudes. California law does allow for THC content over 0.3% if it’s being grown for research purposes. But when it comes to that illegal weed game, Kern County ain’t having none of it. They shutting down dispensaries left and right to keep their communities clean.

And that’s the scoop on Kern County, California shutting down those seven unlicensed dispensaries. Stay woke, my fam. Peace out.

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