Kamala Harris Flippin’ on Weed?

Kamala Harris Flippin' on Weed?Yo, peep this – Vice Prez Kamala Harris just dropped a bombshell by showing some love for the need to reschedule that Mary Jane. And guess what? Marijuana stocks shot up like crazy while the whole industry is on edge waiting to see what’s next. Harris was straight-up chilling at the White House, chopping it up with homies who got pardoned for their weed-related crimes by the big boss man, President Joe. Even Fat Joe and Gov. Andy Beshear were in the mix at this pow-wow.

But hold up, has Kamala Harris really switched up her stance on weed, or is she just making empty promises like all the other politicians? Back in the day when she was a prosecutor in San Fran, she was handing out more than 1,900 cannabis convictions, way more than the folks before her. When California was buzzing about legalizing that sticky icky, Harris didn’t wanna get involved. It wasn’t until she started eyeing that presidential seat in 2020 that she seemed to have a change of heart and jumped on Biden’s bandwagon to support the ganja industry. But it’s been 3.5 years since then, and we’re still waiting for some real action.

In 2020, the cannabis game was blowing up big time. But now, with the feds tripping, chaos in NY and Cali, and prices for that good good dropping like crazy, something’s gotta give. Weed is still labeled as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA, putting it in the same category as hardcore stuff like heroin and LSD. They’re saying it’s mad dangerous with no medical benefits, even though science, doctors, and weed advocates have been shouting from the rooftops about its health perks. Meanwhile, alcohol is considered a drug but isn’t even scheduled.

President Joe is back on that re-election grind and he’s bringing up marijuana once again, even name-dropping it in his big State of the Union speech. But despite saying he’d work with the weed industry back in 2020, he only started talking about maybe making a change in 2023 after taking office in 2021. Harris wasn’t even part of the convo until this recent meeting.

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The Biden/Harris campaign is trying hard to win over them young voters, but some of them ain’t feeling their slow-moving policies. Pulling up to election day with just talk and no action could spell trouble for their chances.

So here we are, waiting to see if Harris is really about that weed life or if it’s all just smoke and mirrors. The ganja industry is holding its breath while politicians play games with people’s lives and livelihoods. Will they finally make a move or leave us hanging like a half-smoked joint? Only time will tell…

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