Is Jimmy Kimmel Blazin’ That Herb?

Is Jimmy Kimmel Blazin' That Herb?Yo, peeps! Let’s talk about Jimmy Kimmel, ’cause this dude is always makin’ headlines. He’s popular, funny, and he gets what the people want. But the real question is, does he blaze it up?

Y’all must’ve heard about his feud with Aaron Rodgers, right? Seems like Kimmel’s got the upper hand in that one. Ever since his high school days on the radio, Jimmy Kimmel has been speakin’ his mind in comedy, his personal life, and his beliefs. And it looks like the public is still lovin’ him for it. When it comes to late night TV, Kimmel’s takin’ the lead in the ratings, especially among dudes aged 25-45.

Now, check this out. Kimmel started his career back in high school, workin’ at a college radio station called KUNV at UNLV. In 1989, he landed his first paid gig as a co-host on “The Me and Him Show” in Seattle. But he eventually switched things up and started writin’ comedy. That’s when he made his big TV debut on Comedy Central. In January 2003, Kimmel left “The Man Show” for good and started hostin’ his own late-night talk show called Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But here’s the real scoop: Jimmy Kimmel is all about that Mary Jane life. He even did a segment with Seth Rogen where they talked about the top four people they’d wanna smoke a joint with. And during an interview with Rolling Stone, Kimmel straight up asked if they could smoke weed right then and there. That’s what I call keepin’ it real! So yeah, Jimmy definitely knows his way around a joint or a preroll. And when it comes to alcohol, he’s all about Johnnie Walker King George V.

Now here’s somethin’ interesting. Kimmel used to be a little on the heavier side, but then he lost 28 pounds. I gotta wonder if cannabis played a role in his weight loss journey. And get this, in October 2023, he declared October 20th as a new holiday called “Doggsfather Day.” It’s Snoop Dogg’s birthday and the midpoint to the stoner holiday 4/20. Talk about showin’ love to your homie!

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But Kimmel ain’t just about that weed life. He’s also makin’ it cool and approachable for everyone. Just peep his bit about EMJAY, man! This dude knows how to make weed fun and relatable.

And let’s not forget, Kimmel’s a stand-up guy. He’s been open about his child’s health issues and he always seems to have the little guy’s back. Sure, he deals with some haters from time to time, but he’s all ’bout makin’ people laugh.

So there you have it, folks. Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night king who ain’t afraid to smoke it up and keep it real. He’s winnin’ in the ratings and winnin’ our hearts with his humor and down-to-earth personality. Keep doin’ you, Jimmy!

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