I Peeped Game from You! – How Moms and Pops Influence Shorties’ Thoughts on Booze vs. Bud

I Peeped Game from You! – How Moms and Pops Influence Shorties’ Thoughts on Booze vs. Bud

Yo, check out this dope repost from the Cannabis Patriot. They talkin’ ’bout how Mark Wahlberg be claimin’ he quit usin’ cannabis to keep his kids safe and all, but then he out here on social media pushin’ his new tequila brand. Like, what’s the deal, man? Why is it cool for parents to be all up in their kids’ faces with alcohol, but when it comes to cannabis, that’s suddenly a “bad” thing?

Earlier this year, Cannabis.net dropped some knowledge on us about how many kids out there don’t even know that alcohol can mess you up. They asked these kids why they think alcohol ain’t so bad, and the answer was straight up ridiculous. They said everybody be doin’ it – their parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, you name it. So if everybody be doin’ it, it can’t be that bad, right?

Now let me take y’all back to the 80s real quick. Y’all remember that PSA on TV where this teen learned how to roll a joint and smoke that good good, and when his mom asked him where he learned that mess from, he straight up shouted, “I learned it from you!” Man, that joint had America shook back then. But now we look back and laugh.

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So here’s the thing – is Mark Wahlberg frontin’ like a fake-ass father? He all preachin’ about how cannabis ain’t good for his kids, but then he out here pushin’ that alcohol agenda. Like, if his kids smelled that tequila all over the car and his shirt every damn night, would he be trippin’ like he did with the cannabis smell? I doubt it.

Picture this: “Yo daddy, why you smell like tequila all the time? That mess make you act all weird.” Would Mark have the same reaction to that as he did with the cannabis smell in his car? I highly doubt it, my friends.

The crazy thing is, the things we do and say as parents have a huge impact on our kids. They look up to us and trust us, so when we mess up, it messes them up too. We gotta educate our kids about cannabis, but it ain’t just when they’re young. We gotta keep educating ourselves as we get older too.

So drop a comment, fam! Let us know what you think about Mark Wahlberg’s double standards and how parents influence their kids’ beliefs. It’s a wild ride out here in the world of parenting, but together we can figure this mess out. Peace!

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