How to Shake Off That Weed Hangover Like a Boss

How to Shake Off That Weed Hangover Like a BossYo, listen up fam. So you know when you smoke a fat blunt with the squad and end up feeling like you got hit by a bus the next day? Yeah, that’s what we call a weed hangover. It ain’t as bad as an alcohol hangover, but it’s still there.

So, can you actually get a hangover from smoking weed? Hell yeah, bruh. After a night of puffin’ on that good good, you might wake up feeling like your head is filled with cotton. You know, that spaced out, lethargic vibe that ain’t too pleasant.

Some peeps can smoke all day every day and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. But for others, they might experience symptoms like fatigue, dry eyes, and coughing – a classic weed hangover.

Now, preventing a weed hangover ain’t rocket science. First off, know your limits. If you’re gonna hit that dank kush, make sure you’re aware of how much your body can handle. And timing is key too. Don’t be smoking up at 2 AM and expect to feel A1 in the morning.

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Hydrate yourself, fam. Drink plenty of water to flush out those toxins and keep your energy levels up. And if you do end up waking up with a weed hangover, here are some tips to bounce back:

Don’t light up another joint. Give your body a break and let that high fade away naturally.
Get some extra sleep to recharge and recover from the night before.
Munch on some food to ease that uneasy feeling in your stomach. OJ is your bestie when it comes to mellowing out a high.
Break a sweat and hit the gym. Exercise will get your blood pumping and help you feel more alive.
Stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up and feel more awake.

And remember, it’s all about balance. Enjoy your smoke sesh, but take care of yourself too. Stay safe out there, homies!

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  1. Man, if you gon get lit, you betta know how to handle it after. Hydrate, eat good, and get that fresh air. Don’t be playin no games with ya body.


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