How to Check Weed Quality and Strength

How to Check Weed Quality and StrengthYo, there be a big difference between some high-quality cannabis and that trash weed that ain’t even worth messin’ with. How they grow, harvest, handle, and store the marijuana can make a huge difference in how strong and good it is overall.

In places where they legalized recreational weed, the competition between dispensaries keeps the quality real high. But in states where it’s only legal for medical use or not at all, the quality of the weed (whether it’s legal or from the streets) can be all over the place. No matter where you get your weed, you can use this guide to help you know what’s good and what to stay away from so you can get the best bang for your buck.

How to find that good-good weed

There be lots of things that determine if the cannabis is top-shelf (also called “dank,” “fire,” or “loud”) or if it’s just low-grade “schwag,” “brick weed,” or “dirt weed.” From how sticky it is to how it smells, here’s how to spot the best marijuana:

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Buy from dispensaries when you can

The best bet is to buy some certified tested weed from legit dispensaries. Buying from private dealers is risky for your health and legally. Even in good dispensaries, the quality of the weed can vary since they cater to folks with different budgets.

But dispensaries make it easy to tell which weed is top-shelf and which is low-grade. The best stuff will be on the top shelf, mid-grades in the middle, and the cheapest stuff down below. Even the cheap stuff should still be decent quality at a good dispensary, but go for the best you can afford. If you’re trying a new strain or dispensary, do some research first and ask the budtender what to expect so you know what you’re gettin’ into.

Hallmarks of good weed versus bad weed

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Here’s what to watch out for when you’re checkin’ out your next cannabis buy:

Color: Good weed will be green or have some other colors like blue, red, orange, or purple (as long as it ain’t mold!). Brown weed means it’s old and losing its strength.
Smell: Good weed has that strong cannabis smell. Don’t smoke any that smells like grass, hay, or mold.
Taste: Good weed tastes fresh and vibrant. Chemical or foul flavors could mean contaminants or mold.
Trichomes: Look for those white crystal resin on your buds – the more trichomes, the stronger the weed.
Feel: Weed should be fresh enough to smoke but not too dry or wet. Sticky resin means potency.
Seeds: Good weed won’t have seeds – they make it weaker and could ruin your smoke sesh.
Stems: Stems shouldn’t be smoked – too many means less smokable bud.
Orange hairs: These are good – they mean the cannabis was harvested at the right time.
Mold: Wet weed often has mold – don’t smoke funky-smelling or tasting buds.
Trim: Excess leaves bring down potency – good-quality bud will be trimmed well.
Pests: Watch out for bugs in your weed – spider mites can ruin your stash.
Cannabis bananas: These yellow pods mean weak cannabis full of seeds.
How to test your weed for strength

Buying tested weed from dispensaries gives you an idea of how strong it is. But if you gotta buy elsewhere or wanna know for yourself, there are ways to test it.

Using tech to test THC levels

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If you growin’ your own or cookin’ with cannabis, there are labs that can test your product’s potency. Or you can get an at-home testing kit like tCheck to check THC and CBD levels in just minutes.

Don’t settle for trashy weed no more – now you know how to spot that good stuff.

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