Green House Seed Company Review

Green House Seed Company ReviewYo, dis here be Dan. Let me tell ya ’bout Green House Seed Company, a big playa in da cannabis seed bank game. Dey based outta Amsterdam wit distribution centers all ova da globe. Dey done won multiple Cannabis Cups and even been on TV. But like, does Green House Seeds really live up to all dat hype?

Green House Seed Company started back in 1985 by Arjan Roskam. Since den, dey done grown a lot and got popular. Dey still got a shop in Amsterdam, but most folks order online cuz dey ain’t lucky enough to live in da cannabis capital.

Dey got a good rep and high ratings on forums, but some peeps had bad experiences wit inconsistent genetics and shipping problems. Arjan Roskam, da founder, made a name for himself by winning cannabis cups and making documentaries ’bout cannabis cultivation.

All da seeds Green House sells are dey own strains, some unique to dem and others dey take on popular ones. Dey got over 100 strains and keep addin’ more. Some of dem strains available by da seed and dey don’t use no harmful chemicals on dem.

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Green House won lotsa awards fo’ dey genetics, but peeps been talkin’ smack ’bout ’em lately. Some say dey homogenize landrace strains and sellin’ well-known strains under dey name. Dey original breeders ain’t wit ’em no mo’, so maybe dat’s why dey don’t dominate like before.

Green House also do high CBD strains now, ’cause dat’s da wave. Dey got categories like ‘High THC,’ ‘High Yield,’ and ‘Best Sellers’ to make shoppin’ easier. Dey also got categories by climate zones, which is smart fo’ international orders.

Customer service be mid at Green House Seeds. Dey friendly peeps but some ain’t feelin’ it. But dey do try to fix things fo’ peeps who complain online.

Peeps been havin’ germination issues ova da years wit weak plants or low potency weed. Some don’t like da colorful coating on da seeds. Green House say it’s so you can tell da strains apart, ya dig?

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Green House lets you return unused seeds and replace faulty ones if dey don’t geminate. Website easy to use and looks good, plus you can translate it into 13 languages.

Green House got more den just seeds – dey got apparel, nutrients, CBD products, all dat good stuff. Dey also got infographics fo’ each strain so you know what you gettin’.

Prices at Green House Seed Company ain’t bad and dey run promotions fo’ discounts on certain strains or shipping costs. Payment options include bank transfer or credit cards, but no crypto yet.

Shipping can be a problem sometimes, especially fo’ US and Canada cuz dey don’t ship there right now. Peeps havin’ trouble gettin’ dey orders delivered, but Green House offer stealth delivery option fo’ extra cost.

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Wit all dat said, Green House Seeds is still an OG seed bank. Shippin’ issues hold ’em back from bein’ da best seed bank out dere for my fam here in the USA. Plenty of room fo’ improvement if dey wanna compete wit da top dogs.

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