GMO Auto (Barney’s Farm) straight fire fem seeds

GMO Auto (Barney’s Farm) straight fire fem seeds

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan, here to tell you about Barney’s Farm – GMO Auto. You feel me? This strain is straight fire, bruh. It’s the autoflowering version of Barney’s super dope GMO strain. They took their OG GMO and crossed it with their own auto powerhouse, BF Super Auto #1. The result? A compact, fast auto seed that brings that dispensary grade quality in just 70 days. That’s right, 70 days to go from a tiny seedling to a strong, compact bush. Ain’t that crazy?

During its short veg time, GMO Auto grows a sturdy main stem with some side branches and a thick canopy. And once it hits the bloom phase, brace yourself for some fat buds. I’m talkin’ buds that get fatter and more resinous every damn day. When it’s time to harvest, this compact plant grows to around 90-110cm tall and blesses you with tight, dense flowers that smell pungent as hell. Indoors, you can expect up to 600g/m² of these dank buds, while outdoors you’re looking at 200-300g/plant.

But let’s not forget about the looks of these beautiful buds. They got these vibrant green, orange, and pink hues that make your eyes pop. Trust me, they’re a sight to behold. And when you finally get to smoke ’em, oh boy, get ready for a taste explosion. GMO Auto gives off this pungent diesel aroma mixed with hints of garlic and earth. It’s like paying homage to the almighty US hybrid GMO Cookies. And with a whopping 24% THC, this strain hits you hard but keeps you balanced. Perfect for when you wanna relax your body and mind before calling it a night.

Now let’s get into the numbers ’cause you know I got you covered. GMO Auto is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, giving you that killer combo. It’s an autoflowering strain, so it’s ready to harvest in just 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. And did I mention the THC level? Yeah, it’s 24%, bro. That’s some potent stuff right there. The CBD level is low though, so don’t expect any crazy CBD effects.

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When it comes to size, GMO Auto grows to around 110cm indoors and 130cm outdoors. Not too big, not too small, just right. Indoors, you can expect a yield of 550-600g/m², while outdoors you’re looking at 250-300g/plant. And remember, these numbers are based on ideal circumstances, so keep that in mind.

So there you have it, fam. Barney’s Farm – GMO Auto is where it’s at. It’s fast, it’s potent, and it’s straight fire. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Stay lit!

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