Gettin’ More Empathy and Understandin’ in the World? Light Up and Blaze! – Cannabis Users Show Major Empathy in Fresh Study

Gettin' More Empathy and Understandin' in the World? Light Up and Blaze! - Cannabis Users Show Major Empathy in Fresh StudyYo, listen up! I gotta drop some knowledge on y’all about why weed smokers are the chillest, most understanding and empathetic people out there. This ain’t no joke, it’s backed by science, fam!

So check it, there was this dope study that went down in November 2023. They gathered up 51 non-cannabis users and compared them to 85 regular smokers. They used this test called the Cognitive and Affective Empathy Test (TECA) to see how empathetic these peeps were. And guess what? The stoners scored higher in emotional comprehension than the non-smokers. Can you believe it?

But hold up, they also did some brain scans using MRI technology. And what they found was straight fire! The brains of regular marijuana consumers had stronger activity in parts associated with empathy. Like, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and the pre-posterior central gyrus (pr-pCG) were more connected for these smokers. It’s like their brains were on another level when it came to understanding and feeling for others.

Now, peep this. The researchers think that cannabis might be the reason behind all this empathy and understanding. But they also say it’s possible that these smokers were already more empathetic before they started blazing up. Either way, it’s clear that weed has some real positive effects on how we relate to each other.

And this ain’t the first time my man Jacob Vigil from the University of Mexico has been studying the link between empathy and cannabis. He dropped a bomb back in 2022 called “Cannabis Consumption and Prosociality” where he found that weed users scored higher in empathy, prosocial behaviors, and moral decision-making. Like, they just care more about others and want everyone to be treated fair and square.

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Vigil even called cannabis a ‘super medicine’ because it not only helps with all sorts of health conditions, but it also improves our mental and social well-being. It’s like a magic potion that makes us better people, yo.

But here’s the real kicker. Legalizing weed can actually make our communities safer and more peaceful. You see, when the ganja is legal, it takes away the power and money from those shady drug cartels. And less illegal drug trafficking means less violence in our streets. It’s a win-win situation, my dudes.

And get this, even in our own homes, cannabis can bring peace. Studies have shown that couples who consume weed together are less likely to be violent towards each other. That’s some crazy stuff, right? Like, sharing a joint can actually make your relationship stronger and more loving.

So, when you put it all together, it’s clear that cannabis promotes peace and kindness in our communities. It’s not just about getting high and chilling out, although that’s definitely a perk. It’s about becoming better human beings who care about others and want to make the world a better place.

We still got a long way to go before everyone understands the true power of cannabis. But one thing is for sure, this plant is changing lives for the better. So next time you see your stoner friend being all laid-back and cool, remember that they’re not just high, they’re spreading love and empathy everywhere they go.

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Stay lit, stay kind, and keep blazing that green goodness! Peace out, my homies!

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