Get Your Auto Flower Game on Point for High Yield

Get Your Auto Flower Game on Point for High Yield

Yo, what’s up fam? It’s your boy Dan, here to talk to y’all about getting the maximum yield with autoflower cannabis. Let’s face it, autoflowers have been slept on for too long. But they’ve finally earned their spot in our grow rooms, and with the help of this guide, we’re gonna get the biggest harvest possible from these babies.

First things first, let’s talk about starting your autoflowers off on the right foot. These babies grow fast as hell and don’t need any specific light schedule to start blooming. So, if you stress them out or slow their growth down in any way, they’ll still bloom at the same time and your yields will suffer. To avoid this, start your autoflowers in their final containers. Or if you prefer germinating them first, go ahead and put them straight into large pots. The key is to foster a healthy root zone early on.

Speaking of pots, bigger is better when it comes to autoflowers. The more room your roots have to develop, the bigger your plant will be. So don’t constrain them in a pot that’s too small because that’ll stunt their development and reduce your production. We recommend using 15-20 liter pots for maximum results without overwhelming your plants.

But it’s not just about the size of the pot, it’s also about the material. A healthy root system means healthy plants with great yields, so consider using “smart pots” like RQS fabric pots. Not only do they prevent plants from becoming root bound, but they also facilitate excellent drainage so you won’t overwater your cannabis.

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Now let’s talk about soil. Autoflowers grow fast and vigorously with limited time to do so. So you want to support their growth in every way possible, starting with an airy growing medium. A loose substrate makes it easier for your autoflowers to develop a strong root system. If your soil is too compact, you can make it suitable for autoflowers by adding some perlite and coco coir.

Another way to support root development is by adding a root stimulant like beneficial fungi to your growing medium. Mycorrhizal fungi increase nutrient and water uptake while protecting plants from disease and creating an optimal growing environment.

When it comes to lighting, opinions differ on whether constant 24-hour light is beneficial for plants. But the most common approach is 18/6 because it saves you money on energy bills while still providing enough lumens for maximum bud production.

If you’re using ordinary cannabis nutrients for your autoflowers, start out with 50% or even 25% of the recommended dose since they drink and eat less compared to large photoperiod plants. Soil growers should use lightly fertilized soil for autoflowering cannabis since heavily fertilized soils will burn these babies.

And if you must add nutrients to the soil early on, do so sparingly because bloom nutrients and boosters are all that’s needed during their life cycle. Even in flowering, low to medium doses of nutrients will suffice. Over-fertilizing plants is a common yield-thwarting mistake that many autoflower growers make.

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It’s also important to prioritize climate control in your grow room. Seedlings and young plants prefer a humid environment while flowering plants require significantly less humidity to avoid mold and rot.

Lastly, genetics play a huge role in a given strain’s production potential. So before we wrap this up, here are the top 5 highest-yielding autoflower strains this year:

1. Northern Lights Auto – With a whopping indoor yield of 500g/m2, this legendary indica strain shines with all the goodies of its photoperiod counterpart without compromising on flavor or effect.

2. White Widow Auto – Expect an astonishing 550g/m2 from this compact lady with a woody, earthy aroma and taste similar to but not as strong as the feminized photoperiod version.

3. Cheese Auto – The autoflowering version of UK Cheese pleases smokers with a strong taste of sour cheese, earth, and spices alongside a physical effect with a happy and euphoric note.

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4. Bruce Banner Auto – This sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the strongest autoflowering strains you can get your hands on with THC levels up to 25%. It blends spicy, earthy, and fruity strawberry aromas into its smoke.

5. AK-47 Auto – This slightly indica-dominant hybrid combines genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan into a strain that stands out with a heavy-hitting effect and good yields.

And that’s it fam! Document what works best for you and refine those processes over time until you become an expert cannabis grower with high yields every time! Peace out!

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