Get Lit with Dope Marijuana Wax: How to Prep, Use, and Feel the Strong High from Potent Extracts

Get Lit with Dope Marijuana Wax: How to Prep, Use, and Feel the Strong High from Potent Extracts

Yo, my fellow pot enthusiasts! If you’ve been in the marijuana world for a minute, you must have heard of marijuana wax, aye? Do you know what it is, how to use it, and why it’s dope? If not, don’t trip, I got you covered!

In this guide, I’m gonna school you on what marijuana wax is, its benefits, and how to use this indulging cannabis preparation. But wait, there’s more! I’m also gonna hook you up with an easy-to-follow recipe to make at home by the end of this guide. How lit is that?

First things first, let’s get into what marijuana wax is!

What is Marijuana Wax?

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Commonly known as Butane Hash Oil (BHO), honey oil, and weed wax, marijuana wax is one of the most popular forms of potent cannabis concentrates. You might see it sold as honeycomb, crumble, or budder in the market. The reason behind these different names is their consistency and texture.

Marijuana wax is one of the most prominent forms of using marijuana among recreational users due to its THC concentrations of up to 90%. Similarly, medical patients also love to try weed wax for immediate and long-lasting relief.

Did you know? One short “hit” of weed wax generates the same euphoric high as smoking a couple of marijuana joints. That’s mind-boggling!

Types of Weed Wax

There are as many as 17 different varieties of cannabis wax. Yeah, I’m not playing games!

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Here are three significant factors that weigh the marijuana wax type:

Process of extraction: The primary factor behind different types of wax is its method to separate the components. The process includes using Butane honey oil, CO2, hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbons extraction without heat or pressure.

Part of the plant used: You can use the whole cannabis plant to extract concentrates, but the best part is always the flowers with resin glands.

The texture of the concentrate: Cannabis concentrates vary in consistency from liquid, solid to anything in between the two.

How Is Cannabis Wax Made?

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As we mentioned before, marijuana wax is a type of Butane hash oil (BHO). Being an inflammatory agent, Butane is the most popular and the most vulnerable element.

It’s not recommended to make weed wax at home! The solvent is filtered with a tube having marijuana leaves, extracting the THC from the leaves to make weed wax. The Butane separates the resin (the most valuable element of a cannabis plant) from the raw plant substance.

After rigorous heating, contracting, and vacuum purging process, what comes out as the final result is a sticky residue having high THC concentrations.

Benefits of Using Marijuana Wax

The main reason for its popularity and high demand is its extreme potency. If made correctly, weed wax is one of the most potent substances. Due to high THC concentrations, wax generates more powerful effects than vaping or smoking flowers and is favorite stuff among recreational users.

As we mentioned earlier, marijuana wax is also popular among medical patients due to its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

How to Use Marijuana Wax

There are different methods by which you can consume marijuana wax. Let’s have a look at some popular ways to consume cannabis wax.

In a Dab Rig: Since the high you get from dab rig is instantaneous, it’s one of the most popular options to take weed wax. To smoke weed wax, you need to put a bit of wax into a dab wand or dab tool, put it onto a hot plate known as a nail. When the nail gets hot, you need to dab the wax on its surface and inhale the smoke through the water pipe simultaneously.

By Vaping: Vaping marijuana wax is similar to vaping cannabis flowers or other concentrates. Drop a small amount of wax on the vaporizer’s heating coil or in the heating chamber to vape the weed wax. Turn the vaporizer on, heat it at your convenient temperature and inhale the vapor that will take you out of this universe!

Experts recommend setting a higher temperature for vaping weed wax than flowers for a better experience. However, you must monitor the vaporizer closely; otherwise, you’ll end up burning the wax.

With a Pot Pipe: Smoking marijuana wax in a pipe is as easy as smoking dried cannabis flowers. Just load your pipe with enough amount of wax and light it up! If you are a novice smoker and want to try weed wax for your first time smoking pot, I would recommend trying it in small amounts first.

Infused in Edibles: Some Mary Jane lovers prefer adding it to edibles from butter and honey to tea and candy. There’s no harm in adding marijuana wax into edibles. But be cautious as even small doses can generate more powerful effects.

Making Twax Joints: Twax joints are popular among heavy smokers and those who love sticking to old-school smoking experiences. A twax joint is a regular joint with cannabis hash inside. When you light up the twax joint, it burns slowly and hits you with a power-packed punch. So roll your herb together, burn it and puff it away!

Things to Know Before Consuming Marijuana Wax

As we mentioned before,marijuana contains 70-90% THC concentrates which means it’s highly potent. It has become a popular choice among cannabis lovers due to its immediate effects that last longer.

But hold up! As much as weed wax increases powerful euphoric high feeling there’s also chances that you might experience side effects such as paranoia/anxiety/dry mouth.

Here are my expert recommendations for countering these potential dangers:

Go slow and low: Even if you are an expert user, start with minimal bits at first using and take breaks between dabs while waiting for minimum two hours before taking another hit.

Stay hydrated: Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of weed products. So always keep water and other fluids around you when taking dabs or smoking weed to avoid dehydration!

Never mix substances: Many people mix alcohol with weed for an intensified experience. But since cannabis was already potent enough, it’s best not to mix alcohol with weed in any form including weed wax.

Pick safe environments: Since you don’t know how your body will react to weed, always try it in your safe space where there’s no chance of getting

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