Get Lit: How to Brew Some Dank Marijuana Tea

Get Lit: How to Brew Some Dank Marijuana Tea

The Ultimate Guide to Making Marijuana Tea

What’s good, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts? You know what’s great? Smoking, vaping, and eating weed are cool and all, but have you ever tried cannatea? It’s a delicious alternative to those more conventional methods. In this article, we’re gonna teach you all about what marijuana tea is, break down its benefits, help you figure out an optimal dose, walk you through the effects, show you how to make it yourself, and recommend some dope strains.

So sit back, roll one up if that’s your thing, and let’s get into it.

Benefits of Marijuana Tea

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Now, listen up fam. While you might think the benefits of cannabis-infused tea would be the same as those of cannabis in general, there’s actually something special about consuming it in this form.

It’s Relaxing AF

Let’s start with the obvious: weed makes you chill. If sipping tea and smoking a J both relax you individually, imagine the soothing sensations you’ll experience when enjoying both at the same damn time. Since you don’t have to worry about quickly inhaling any hot smoke or vapor, you’ll end up noticeably more content in the moment. And if you’re trying to pass out for the night anyways, pick up an indica strain or one with terpenes like myrcene and linalool to enhance that effect.

Good for Your Gut

Along with helping us stay relaxed, drinking certain teas can keep our gastrointestinal tract (GI) in good working order[1]. Herbal teas, such as peppermint and ginger, are especially effective. But remember fam, everyone’s different so experiment with what works for you.

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So Soothing

Most of us are used to hurting our throats when enjoying cannabis, whether we’re smoking or vaping. But when sipping cannabis tea, you’ll find it actually soothes your throat[2] rather than damaging it. Chamomile and green tea are especially effective in this regard.

How to Make Marijuana Tea: 2 Methods

It may not be as simple as putting a teabag in a cup, but making your own marijuana tea is easy peasy lemon squeezy. All you need is some basic ingredients: your usual tea fixings and some ground cannabis.

Method One: Cannabutter (Easy Peasy)

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1g ground cannabis

1 teabag (whatever kind you prefer)

1 tbsp coconut oil or cannabutter

½ pot water

(Optional) honey, sugar, cinnamon


Tea or coffee strainer


Before getting into the recipe itself, decarboxylate your ground cannabis in the oven at 240°F for 45 minutes. Feel free to do this beforehand to keep waiting time to a minimum. Performing this step will make for a more potent brew.

Boil some water in your pot on the stove. Use at least two cups of water so you can be sure you have enough.

Add your butter (or coconut oil) into the water and stir while you wait for it to completely dissolve.

Add your ground, decarbed cannabis into the butter/oil and water mixture.

Bring the temperature down to a simmer and leave the pot simmering for a minimum of 15 minutes. Like regular tea, the longer you leave it to infuse, the stronger it’ll be.

Place a strainer over the top of your mug/teapot of choice.

Pour your desired amount of tea.

Add your teabag of choice for flavor and effects.

Throw in extra ingredients like sugar, honey, cinnamon, milk etc. for flavoring.

Leave that bad boy alone so it can properly steep.


Method Two: Cannabis Tea Latte (For Large Gatherings)

Ingredients (for 4 servings of 200ml each):

7g finely ground buds or 14g trimmings (decarboxylated)

15g softened butter (or 30ml pre-heated coconut oil)

400ml full-fat milk (or almond milk etc.)

400ml water

Tea leaves

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 tbsp honey

A touch of cinnamon


Metal tea infuser


Decarboxylate your cannabis.

Mix plant matter with milk, vanilla extract, and butter (or coconut oil) thoroughly. Let this mixture sit at room temperature for about 1 hour.

Pour the mix into a pot and add water while also placing your pre-loaded metal tea infuser in the middle. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes at low-to-medium temperatures; don’t boil anything!

Pour your “tea latte” through a fine kitchen sieve to remove all plant matter and refine flavours with a tablespoon of honey, a dash of cinnamon and anything else you desire.

Types of Marijuana Tea

While we mentioned ground cannabis flower earlier in this article as an ingredient for cannatea recipes, practically any part of the plant can be used too.

Cannabis buds should be your go-to option when making cannatea because they contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis leaves work well when making cannabis tea too! You can either add dried/decarboxylated leaves straight into the water or heat them in some coconut oil.

Stems can be used too! You’ll need around five grams worth for a pot of tea.

Ready-Made Cannabis Tea

If making your own tea isn’t your thing or if you’re pressed for time then don’t trip fam! Ready-made marijuana teas can be bought online or at some stores already infused with CBD!

Mixers for Marijuana Tea

When brewing your own tea fam, feel free to use whatever mixer works best for you! THC is not water-soluble so if you’re looking for a mellower high then try keeping your tea plain. But if you want something stronger then add butter or oil because they combine with cannabinoids so that we can process them all!

Calculating Dose per Cup

The THC content in your tea will vary depending on which strain you’re using fam; no two strains are alike! But here’s a general rule: add a zero to the end of your weed’s THC percentage. For example: if your weed has 15% THC then there’ll be about 150mg in each cup for every gram used.

Effects of Cannabis-Infused Tea

As it goes with edibles fam, the effects of weed tea can be delayed so it may take up to two hours for you to feel the effects. But you’ll probably feel it a lot sooner than that!

When sipping your cannatea, expect the typical effects of cannabis in general. This includes relaxation, pain relief, increased appetite, and some couch-lock if you’re using an indica-dominant strain.

Some Strains for Cannatea

Let’s get into some good strains for brewing tea fam! Here’s a list of some of our favourite indicas:

Northern Lights: provides a relaxed, peaceful, and euphoric high – perfect for winding down after a long day.

Granddaddy Purple: gives you a sweet and earthy flavour with a deep relaxation effect.

Blue Dream: packs a sweet berry punch and is perfect if you’re looking for an uplifting and energizing effect.

White Widow: one of the most popular strains of all time! Gives off a mellow but potent effect that’ll help you drift off into an afternoon nap.

Final Thoughts

Well fam, that wraps up our guide to marijuana tea! We hope you’ve now got all the info you need to put together some sweet-tasting cannatea. Until next time, stay lit and keep it real. Peace!

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