Florida AG Ain’t Playin’: No Dank Times in the Sunshine State ‘Cause, Like, Weed’s Still Illegal Across the US


Yo, yo, yo! What’s crackin’, fam? It’s your boy, Dan, here to spill the tea on the latest happenings in the Sunshine State. So check it, the Attorney General of Florida, Ashley Moody, just dropped a bomb on the cannabis community. She straight up said “hell no” to recreational weed in the state. And she ain’t playin’ around, bruh.

Let me break it down for you. Moody and her crew just presented a document to the state Supreme Court, tryna stop a marijuana legalization proposal from hitting the 2024 ballot. But she ain’t alone on this one. The Florida Chamber of Commerce and some anti-drug organization jumped on board too. They all filed documents opposing the initiative. And get this, most of the funding for this measure comes from Trulieve, a dope cannabis company that’s killin’ it in multiple states.

Now, Moody is out here arguing that the summary of this cannabis measure is straight-up misleading to voters. She claims they ain’t given enough info about the fact that weed is still illegal under federal law. She says previous court decisions didn’t take into account how important it is for voters to know that they could be facing some serious criminal consequences under federal jurisdiction if they vote for this ish.

But it don’t stop there, my peeps. Moody is also sayin’ that this whole initiative is full of lies and deceit. According to her, it’s tryna make people think they’ll have more options to cop their green goodness when, in reality, it’s just givin’ more power to the lawmakers to decide if they wanna expand retail operations or not. And let me tell ya, that ain’t sittin’ well with Floridians. They want options, they want competition, and they want those prices down!

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Not only that, but this proposal is also tryna trick folks into thinkin’ they can possess up to three ounces of weed without any consequences. Well, guess what? Moody ain’t havin’ it! She says there will still be penalties for anyone holding more than that and it’s gonna be damn near impossible for anyone to grow their own bud. That means you gotta rely on the retail marketplace, which plays right into the hands of big corporations like Trulieve. They wanna keep their monopoly goin’ strong, givin’ them all the power while regular folks suffer.

And that ain’t even the worst part, my homies. Moody is sayin’ that this whole proposal is shady as hell ’cause it don’t even mention that the Department of Health won’t have the same control over recreational weed as it does over medical marijuana. And get this, there’s gonna be a period of time where medical dispensaries can sell that good-good without any regulations. Talk about a hot mess!

So, in a nutshell, Moody’s crew is sayin’ that this whole “Adult Personal Use of Marijuana” amendment is tryna change Florida’s Constitution without givin’ voters all the deets they need. They want this whole thing thrown out, no questions asked.

But hold up! It ain’t just Moody and her squad tryna shut it down. The Chamber of Commerce is in on this too. They’re sayin’ that this whole thing violates some rule about only havin’ one subject on the ballot. They think it’s mixin’ two different things: decriminalization and commercialization of recreational weed. And we can’t forget about our friends at the Drug-Free America Foundation! They’re out here sayin’ this whole shebang goes against federal law, so it’s unconstitutional.

But here’s the plot twist, y’all. Despite all these haters tryna bring ’em down, the Smart & Safe Florida campaign came through like a boss! They gathered enough valid signatures to qualify this initiative for the ballot. Boom! They got over 891,523 signatures, way more than they needed. So now it’s all up to the court to make the final call.

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And that’s where we’re at, my dudes. The battle for weed legalization in Florida is ragin’ on. Will they shut it down or will the people’s voice be heard? Only time will tell, but trust me, I’ll be here to keep you in the loop. Stay lit and keep fightin’ for that green dream! Peace out, fam!

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