Fem Orgasm Funk Could Be a Green Light for Med Weed in Four States

Fem Orgasm Funk Could Be a Green Light for Med Weed in Four StatesYo, peep this, fam. Four states – Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, and Connecticut – are straight up looking into adding female orgasmic disorder (FOD) to the list of conditions you can get medical weed for. They say that research is showing that smoking that good good can help ladies have more orgasms. For real, for those dealing with FOD, which is basically when a lady can’t get to that peak moment in the bedroom even though she’s all turned on mentally and emotionally, medical marijuana might not only make it easier to get there but make it way more satisfying.

But forget about all that science and diagnosis stuff. Stoners been talking about how cannabis can boost your sex game since day one. Now we know that weed, as a vasodilator, can get that blood flowing down there. Plus, it can help ease anxiety, so puffing before getting busy can help you relax into the moment, especially if past trauma is messing with your sex life. We all know weed can help with PTSD too. It also makes everything feel more intense, so touching your partner or even just looking at them becomes way more fun. And since weed sparks creativity, it might help you come up with new ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

Suzanne Mulvehill, a clinical sexologist and founder of the Female Orgasm Research Institute, says that women with FOD often have more mental health issues and are taking more meds. They deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and have histories of sexual abuse. It’s not just about pleasure; it’s a basic human right. She’s saying that treating FOD should be a medical priority.

Ohio is thinking about adding FOD to their list of conditions you can get medical weed for. The State Medical Board recently said they’re moving FOD and autism spectrum disorder to the next stage for expert review and public input after getting online petitions. People got until Thursday to drop their comments.

In Illinois, they’re gonna chat about including FOD as a qualifying condition next month. New Mexico is planning to tackle this issue in May according to the Female Orgasm Research Institute. And even Connecticut is thinking about adding FOD to their list of qualifying conditions, but they haven’t set a date for their meeting yet.

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Suzanne Mulvehill is leading the way in pushing for medical cannabis for people with FOD. She says this condition affects up to 41% of women worldwide. Last year she filed a petition to add FOD to Ohio’s list of conditions eligible for medical marijuana.

Some studies show that about a third of women who smoke weed use it to enhance their sex lives – a number that’s been pretty consistent over time.

She knows that people have been talking about how weed makes sex better for ages. “It’s not new info,” she said in an interview with Marijuana Moment.

The new thing here is that states are actually considering making FOD a legitimate reason to get medical marijuana. According to Mulvehill, Ohio seems to be the first state taking FOD seriously in this way. She mentioned that the recent meeting in Ohio was the first time she knows of where a government body discussed female orgasmic disorders publicly.

A study published last year found that women who smoke weed often report better sex lives. Plus, online polls show that people who smoke cannabis tend to have better sex overall. There’s even research suggesting that places where marijuana is legal see more action in the bedroom.

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Another study published last year found that over 70% of adults said their sexual desire increased and orgasms were better when they used cannabis before getting freaky. And 62.5% reported more pleasure during solo play with cannabis involved. Since data shows that women don’t climax as much as men during heterosexual relationships, researchers think weed could help close this orgasm gap.

For some folks, getting off is a real challenge that deserves legit treatment like access to medical marijuana. But for others, this push for legalizing cannabis for FOD just confirms what we already knew – weed makes sex way better no matter what your diagnosis is.

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