DEA Says Weed’s Going to Schedule III, Finally!

DEA Says Weed's Going to Schedule III, Finally!Yo, peep this news, fam. The feds are finally changing up the game when it comes to weed. The DEA is talking about moving marijuana from that Schedule I category—where it’s been posted up next to heroin and PCP since ’71—to a Schedule III level, like codeine. Big moves, right?

According to the Associated Press, this change is all about recognizing the medical benefits of Mary Jane and acknowledging that it ain’t as addictive as they’ve been saying. And guess what? This ain’t just some rumor—it’s real deal. Congressmen like Earl Blumenauer from Oregon are hyped about this shift, saying it’s about time we stop playin’ around with these outdated drug laws.

President Biden has been making moves too, asking the Health and Human Services Secretary to review the scheduling of cannabis earlier this year. And he even issued pardons for folks locked up on marijuana charges. So, it looks like the administration is finally listening to what the people want—legalization.

But hold up, this ain’t a free pass for everyone to start lighting up in the streets. Rescheduling doesn’t mean it’s all good to puff wherever you want, or that businesses can start slinging joints across state lines. It’s more about opening up opportunities for research and easing up on those crazy taxes that have been holding back the industry.

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See, under Schedule III, cannabis is now in the same league as stuff like ketamine and Tylenol with codeine—way less scary than being lumped in with heroin, right? This change could mean lower taxes for businesses and more room for growth in the industry. Plus, scientists can finally start studying Mary Jane without all those restrictions holding them back.

But let’s keep it real—the fight ain’t over yet. Rescheduling is just one step towards full-on legalization. States like Texas still got strict laws against weed, and there’s still no green light for interstate commerce. So, while this move is progress, we still gotta push for more changes to end the War on Drugs once and for all.

The DEA’s recommendation is now up for public comment, so keep your ears to the streets for updates. And best believe President Biden is looking to ride this wave of support all the way through the General Election in November. With polls showing strong backing for marijuana reform, this could be a game-changer come election time.

So stay tuned, fam. The times, they are a-changin’, and it looks like we’re finally moving towards a future where Mary Jane isn’t treated like some kind of criminal mastermind. Let’s keep pushing for more change and make sure our voices are heard in this fight for freedom and justice.

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