Coolin’ out on Cannabis: 7 Moves to Take a Tolerance Break and What Comes After

Coolin' out on Cannabis: 7 Moves to Take a Tolerance Break and What Comes After

Yo, what’s good fam? It’s your boy, Dan, and I know we all been feeling it lately. One gram just ain’t cutting it no more. One joint and we still ain’t getting lit. It’s like we miss them good old days when one puff would have us laughing for hours. Or maybe you noticed that your stash just ain’t hitting like it used to. Well, don’t trip, because it might be time for a tolerance break, and I got you covered.

If you’ve been smoking for a minute, you already know about the concept of a weed tolerance break. Maybe you’ve tried it before and succeeded (for a few days), or maybe you’ve been thinking about ways to reduce your tolerance. Either way, I got some tips for you on how to take a T-break successfully, and get back to that old high.

First of all, let’s talk about why you should even consider taking a cannabis tolerance break (T-Break). When you smoke weed daily for a long time, your brain’s cannabinoid receptors start to down-regulate THC reception, making you get used to the “high feeling.” Every time you raise the potency, your brain’s survival instincts kick in, and your tolerance level rises. So, taking a tolerance break helps the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to replace themselves. The research suggests that the brain starts filling CB1 receptors after two days of skipping THC. This process lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. After that period, you’ll return to relishing those ‘highs’ you desire.

Now, let’s get into how to take a cannabis tolerance break like a boss.

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Step #1: Acknowledge That it Won’t be Simple

Listen up, fam. If you’ve ever tried quitting anything that you do regularly, you know that it’s not easy. Taking a tolerance break is no different. The first two weeks will be the roughest. Although there won’t be any physical pain (like what happens with cocaine and heroin addicts), you will continuously think about smoking. But stay strong and keep pushing through.

Step #2: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Don’t leave yourself tempted by seeing your gear lying around during your T-break. Get rid of all your weed-smoking gears before you start your break. Burn all your stash or scatter it among your buds. Lock up all your smoking equipment and don’t think about keeping a little bit for when your break ends. Trust me; this is a formula for failure.

Step #3: Set Goals with a Specific Date Range

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The length of your T-break should depend on how much cannabis you consume daily before taking a break. On average, THC remains in your body for 72 hours after smoking weed. After this period, it starts to dissolve and wash away from the body. Usually, a cleansing process of 30 days will bring you back to the old days when you were getting high for the first time.

Step #4: Don’t Fall for the Temptations

Stay away from temptation by consuming what you possess before you begin the tolerance break. Cleanse your room by opening the windows and filter out the air in your room.

Step #5: Engage in Activities During the Tolerance Break

Keep yourself busy by engaging in any physical activity such as sports or exercising in the gym to sweat out traces of THC from your body during the break. Try feeding yourself genuinely healthy meals instead of junk food during this period.

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Step #6: Catch up With Some Successful Buddies

It’s easier to take a T-break if your friends aren’t always talking about smoking weed. Try encouraging them to join in with you during this contest.

Step #7: Stay Strong and Be Positive

Stay positive throughout the T-break period; don’t give up until it’s over.

In conclusion, taking time off from smoking marijuana is tough but necessary if we want to reduce our tolerance levels and avoid developing Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) or Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS). A tolerance break lessens the risk of contracting these ailments by disrupting our body’s substantial dependence on THC.

So stay strong and keep pushing through; when your tolerance is lowered, enjoy those fantastic highs that we missed so much!

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