Cannabis Etiquette: Yo, Where Your Weed Manners At?

Cannabis Etiquette: Yo, Where Your Weed Manners At?

Yo, what’s good my fellow stoners? If you’re new to the cannabis game, don’t trip, I got you covered. Forget about what you’ve seen in those whack movies and get ready for some real-world knowledge from the ya boy Dan.

First off, let’s talk about etiquette when you’re smoking with your homies. Whether you’re in a legal weed club or just chilling at someone’s crib, you better come correct with some bud. It’s like showing up to a dinner party without bringing something to eat or drink. You gotta pack a stash and bring enough to share with the group. If you don’t have a reliable hook-up yet, it’s cool, just bring some munchies or something to contribute to the session.

When it comes to passing joints around, not every group does it that way. Some folks like to have their own jay and that’s totally fine. But if it is a puff, puff, pass situation, don’t be that person who drools all over the roach before passing it on. And whatever you do, don’t hot rock the floor or furniture.

Now, let’s talk about edibles. These can be tricky if you’re not used to them. Dispensary-sourced edibles typically have the THC and CBD content clearly marked on the packaging. But homemade or club-bought edibles might not be as accurately dosed. It’s always better to start with a small amount and wait an hour or two before consuming more. Trust me, I’ve had one cookie send me on a trippy cerebral ride for hours while other times it took a few treats to get me lifted.

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If you’re into vaping or dabbing, that’s dope too. You can get some really potent hits from these methods, but they’re not for beginners. Vaping is cleaner and purer than smoking a joint, but even just a few hits can get you faded. And if you’re trying out dabbing, make sure you have something cold to drink and somewhere to sit down for a while afterwards.

One thing to keep in mind when smoking with others is to know your limits. Don’t be that person who can’t hang and passes out before the night is over. And if you’re in a legal weed club or coffeeshop, don’t act like it’s your first time smoking. Be cool, be casual, and enjoy the atmosphere.

So there you have it, some basic marijuana manners for all my newbs out there. Just remember to bring some bud, know your limits, and don’t hot rock the furniture. Happy smoking!

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