Can You Handle Touching Weed Seeds with Your Bare Hands?

Can You Handle Touching Weed Seeds with Your Bare Hands?Yo, peep this article about whether it’s cool to touch cannabis seeds with your bare hands, straight from ya boy Dan. So, like, most people think it’s all good to handle those seeds like it ain’t no thang. But, hold up, turns out you could be causing some serious damage, especially if you plan on keeping those seeds for a minute.

Check it – sometimes you score some dank weed and find a seed chillin’ in there. You might think it’s a little annoying, but if it’s from some fire bud, you treat it like gold and save it for later. But when it comes time to get that seed growing, it just refuses to sprout.

Now, folks usually blame bad luck or genetics for the fail, but there’s another culprit – your bare fingers. See, our hands are coated in oils, and even though you can’t see ’em, those oils can mess up a seed if they stick around for too long. They mess with the seed’s integrity and can straight up sabotage germination.

So, how can you move those seeds without wrecking ’em? Here are a few tricks you can use with stuff you’ve probably got lying around at home:

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1. Long Tweezers: Grab those metal tweezers from your bathroom stash and use ’em to handle and plant seeds with precision.
2. Kitchen Towel: Use a piece of kitchen towel as a barrier between your oily hands and the seed shell. It absorbs oil and prevents damage.
3. Disposable Gloves: Slip on some gloves for better control and protection. They’re handy for handling multiple seeds at once.
4. Original Packaging: If you’re lazy like me, just dump those seeds from the package into the soil without touching them.

Now, some growers will swear up and down that touching seeds don’t matter ’cause they’ve grown touched seeds without issues. But biologists and botanists say otherwise – oils do affect seeds, especially in the long run.

So who’s right? While some might get away with handling seeds barehanded, why risk it? Wear gloves or use tweezers just to be safe. Touching a seed with your bare hands might not be a death sentence, but why take chances if there’s even a small possibility of messing up that seed?

That’s the lowdown on whether it’s safe to touch cannabis seeds with your bare hands. Stay safe out there, fam!

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