Can CBD Bust Out That Tooth Pain?

Can CBD Bust Out That Tooth Pain?

Yo, listen up, y’all! We ain’t got a lot of research on how CBD can help with tooth pain, but let’s dive into this shiz and see what we can find. CBD be gettin’ a lot of attention lately for its effects on the body, like bein’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and even stimulatin’ bone growth. So, it makes you wonder, can CBD help ease toothaches and other dental problems? Since there ain’t no clinical evidence to back this up, we gotta dig deeper into da research, my homies.

So why do we get toothaches in the first place? Well, most of the time it’s ’cause of an infection, ya feel me? Inside our teeth, we got nerves and blood vessels that make us feel all sorts of things, like heat and cold and touch. When these parts called dentine get infected, it’s a wrap. It hurts like a motherfudger.

Now, how do these infections happen? Well, it all starts with the sticky film left on your teeth after you chow down on some grub. This film is made up of the food you eat, especially the starchy and sugary stuff. And let me tell ya, this film turns into a frickin’ bacteria party real quick. If you don’t brush your teeth enough or if you do a crappy job at it, these bacteria start takin’ over your teeth. They form cavities and cause infections that lead to toothaches. And if that ain’t bad enough, these sneaky suckers can even enter your bloodstream and cause swelling and pain all over your body. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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But toothaches ain’t just caused by infections, my peeps. There’s other things that can mess with your teeth and make ’em hurt like a mofo. Like periodontal disease, which is when your gums and the bones around your teeth get all messed up. You can also blame crooked or overlapping teeth, stress, hormonal changes, and a crappy diet for tooth pain. So many things can eff up your teeth, it’s cray!

Now here’s where CBD comes into play. We know that toothaches need some serious pain relief, anti-bacterial action, and anti-inflammatory goodness. And let me tell ya, CBD ticks all them boxes, my dudes. In 2008, a study found that CBD is a boss when it comes to killin’ bacteria, especially the super stubborn kind called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. That’s right, CBD kicks bacteria’s ass! And in 2009, some smartasses did a study on rats with periodontitis (which is like a toothache on crack) and found that CBD reduced inflammation and bone loss. So basically, CBD be a badass when it comes to fighting toothaches and dental problems.

But hold up, before you start slatherin’ CBD all over your teeth and gums, you gotta know that there ain’t enough research to say for sure if it’ll help or not. But hey, there ain’t no harm in tryin’, right? Just make sure you talk to a doctor before you start usin’ CBD for your tooth pain. And if you do decide to go for it, there’s different ways you can use CBD. You can spray it or put some oil or tincture directly on your tooth and gums (make sure they’re clean first, my peeps!). You can even empty out a CBD capsule and rub the gel on the affected area. Or if you feel like gettin’ fancy, you can try using a tea bag with high-CBD flowers. Ain’t that some bougie shiz?

But here’s the thing, sometimes it might be better to not touch the painful area at all. If that’s the case, you can still use CBD without makin’ direct contact. You can take CBD capsules, use oils, or eat some edibles to get your dose without messin’ with the painful spot. Just know that these methods take longer to kick in than if you put the CBD right on the tooth. And if you really wanna get freaky, you can even make your own toothpaste with CBD oil. Mix that shiz up with some baking soda, peppermint oil, and coconut oil, and you got yourself a homemade toothpaste that’ll make your teeth feel like they’re chillin’ on a beach in Hawaii.

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But wait, there’s more! I gotta warn ya about one thing, though. CBD can make your mouth feel like the freakin’ Sahara Desert. Yeah, it dries you out like nobody’s business. And that ain’t good for your teeth, my dudes. You see, a dry mouth is like a paradise for bacteria. They love it when your mouth is dry ’cause they can party all night and wreck havoc on your teeth and gums. So, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and do all the things to keep that saliva flowing. Drink water, use mouthwash, chew gum – do whatever it takes to keep your mouth from turnin’ into a desert wasteland.

And here’s the bottom line, my homies. CBD might help with toothaches and dental problems, but we need more research to know for sure. So talk to your dentist before you start usin’ CBD for your tooth pain. And in the meantime, give some high-quality CBD products a try and see what it can do for ya. Maybe CBD be the answer to all your dental woes!

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  1. Man, I tried CBD for my toothache once, and it actually helped a bit. It didn’t take all the pain away but made it more manageable for real.


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