Bubblegum Fem Seeds gotcha covered for that sweet sticky icky – Holla!

Bubblegum Fem Seeds gotcha covered for that sweet sticky icky - Holla!

Yo, what’s good? This is Dan and I’m here to talk to ya’ll about Bubblegum, a dope hybrid strain straight outta Indiana, USA. With a 50/50 sativa to indica balance and 17% THC content, this strain gives you a smooth mix of stoned and high.

Bubblegum got its start in Indiana during the 70s but eventually made its way to New England and then to Holland in the 90s where it was stabilized into the hybrid we know and love today. This sweet strain has won multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup including second place in ’94 for best bioproduct, third place in ’94 for best coffee shop product, second place for the Cannabis Cup in ’95, and second place again in ’99.

When grown indoors, Bubblegum yields an average of 500 grams per square meter. While this isn’t the highest yield around, the quality of the buds more than makes up for it. This strain is pretty hardy and can be grown in most countries during the right season but make sure to watch out for mold and rot if you’re growing outdoors in wet climates. Expect flowering within eight to nine weeks with harvest in October.

Appearance-wise, Bubblegum is short and compact, ranging from 80-140 cm indoors and up to 200 cm outdoors. The buds are pale green with orange hairs and covered in crystals. Before grinding the buds, they have a sweet aroma that reminds me of Bazooka bubblegum (bringing back those childhood memories), but after grinding they smell more like citrus with slight hints of plastic.

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The taste is where Bubblegum really shines. On the inhale, it’s sweet with notes of earth and berry while on the exhale it tastes just like bubblegum again. This strain is perfect for anti-anxiety, pain management, and general relaxation, making it great for nighttime use.

Overall, I felt very laid-back and relaxed after smoking this strain despite it being sativa-dominant. The high sneaked up on me but eventually resulted in a beautifully blended mix of bliss, happiness, and relaxation. The potency is definitely up there so be prepared for some strong effects.

If you’re looking for a moreish strain that leaves hints of sweetness and candy on your tongue, Bubblegum is definitely worth trying out. It provides a balanced yet slightly sativa-heavy high that is both relaxing and soothing while also motivating and energizing. So go ahead and cop yourself some Bubblegum seeds – you won’t regret it! They available now at America’s favorite seed bank, ILGM. So hit ’em up and tell ’em Dan sent ya!

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