Breedin’ 4 Dummies: Y’all Ready 2 Make Yo’ Weed Plants Get Busy

Breedin' 4 Dummies: Y'all Ready 2 Make Yo' Weed Plants Get Busy

Yo, what’s up everyone it’s ya boy Dan here. You know I’m all about that green and today I’m gonna show y’all how to get started on yo’ own weed plant breedin’. Breedin’ 4 Dummies is the name of the game, so I’m gonna school y’all on all the basics.

First up, y’all need to understand the difference between male and female weed plants. See, when it comes to makin’ babies, the males are needed for pollination but the females are used for producin’ the actual buds. Males have pollen sacs that’ll open up and release pollen during a certain period. Meanwhile, females will produce white hairs around their buds that’ll eventually become sticky with resin.

First-time breeders should start with regular weed seeds as opposed to feminized. Regular seeds pop up as both regular and female plants. So, if y’all lookin’ for the easiest way to get breedin’ ya own killa crosses, then regular canna seeds are gonna be whatcha wanna pick up. While it’s possible to breed with feminized seeds, the process takes mo’ skills to do.

So get ya hands on some regular seeds from a seedbank or OG homie and get ’em poppin. Give em’ some good light, water, nutes, and TLC so they thrivin’. Eventually the plants gonna start to show them sex traits. The females be makin’ white hairs (pistils) while the males grow pollen sacs (they look like little balls).

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Once y’all figure out which plants are male and which ones are female, then y’all can start preparin’ for your breedin’. First off, y’all need to make sure both the male and female plants are doin’ good and healthy. If one of ’em is weak or immature, then it ain’t gonna be able to do its job right. Or ya gonna get some boofy weak genetics. So take the time to make sure they’re up to par before you even think about startin’.

Next up is isolatin’. This means that both the mom and pop plants have to be separated from any other cannabis plants that might be in the room. That’s because male pollen can travel and if you let it mix with other strains, then yo’ breedin’ results won’t be consistent. All it takes is a little rogue pollen to get loose and suddenly you got a mix of different strains in one plant. So if ya wanna make sure you breed the strain you want, make sure your isolatin’ game is on point!

After that, y’all just gotta wait for the males to release their pollen sacs. This happens not too long after they pollen sacs first appear. When they poppin’, take some tweezers and remove them from the males carefully. Put it in a zip baggie or jar, the mo’ airtight the betta . Don’t let any of that pollen escape! Then take ’em over to the females and carefully dust the pollen over their buds. Voila! You just did your first breedin’. Just make sure to keep ’em separated when ya do this, so you’re sure that none of ’em got accidentally mixed up.

Finally, don’t forget that once yo’ breedin’s done you still gotta wait for those seeds to mature before you can pick them. Depending on what kind of strain ya got, this could take anywhere from 5-10 weeks. So be patient and remember not to get too excited until they’re ready!

That’s it from me here at Breedin’ 4 Dummies! I hope y’all learned something from this tutorial and now y’all ready to make yo’ weed plants get busy! Good luck and keep growing! Peace!

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