10 Lit Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Mary Jane

10 Lit Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Mary Jane

Yo, what’s good, my fellow herb enthusiasts? It’s ya boy Dan here, and today we’re talking about the advantages of growing your own cannabis. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes – buying weed from the streets can be sketchy as hell. But once you start growing your own, you can save money, have complete control over your bud quality, and even develop a deeper relationship with your plants. Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why you should start growing today!

1. Save That Cash Money

You know how it goes – buying weed ain’t cheap. But when you grow it yourself, the cost per gram drops significantly. Forget about dealers inflating their prices – with some seeds, soil, water and light you’re ready to go. Plus, outdoor growing is the easiest and cheapest option.

2. Control Your Quality

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When you buy weed, you never really know what you’re getting. But when you grow your own, you have total control over what is used and can ensure the final quality of your bud is top notch. Plus, curing your own marijuana makes for a much smoother smoke than average street weed.

3. Be Self-Sufficient

Tired of depending on friends and sketchy dealers for your stash? Growing your own means you’ll never run out or have to deal with people you’d rather not associate with. Ditch those suspicious phone calls and embrace self-sufficiency.

4. Experiment With Excess Yields

Growing your own weed can yield a lot of bud. Instead of rationing it like street weed, use those excess yields to experiment with edibles or tinctures. Incorporate it into cooking by infusing it into oils – the possibilities are endless.

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5. Develop A Relationship With Your Plant

The satisfaction of growing your own bud from seed to finish is unbeatable. You’ll develop a deeper relationship with your plants and appreciate the end result even more. Plus, every grow will improve your skills as an expert grower.

6. More Strains To Choose From

If you don’t have access to a dispensary or social club with a diverse menu of strains, growing your own gives you plenty of options to choose from. Most home growers cultivate more than one plant and enjoy smoking a variety of cannabis strains with different effects, aromas and flavours.

7. It’s A Fun Hobby

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Growing your own stash of weed is a super fun hobby and passion because there is so much to learn and try. From different strains to techniques and equipment – it’s extremely rewarding to see the results.

8. It’s Easy To Grow

Don’t be intimidated by all the advanced techniques and cultivation styles out there – even for a newbie, great results can be achieved with very little effort when sticking to easy-to-grow strains like Northern Lights, Super Skunk or Critical Mass.

9. The Stigma Is Fading

With changing legislation in many places, the door is finally open to buy a tent and some seeds and get started without worrying about breaking the law. Informing yourself about growing weed beforehand is always a good idea when it finally becomes legal.

10. Utilize Every Part Of The Plant

Not only can you utilize the flowers of cannabis; leaves, trimmings, sugar leaves or even stems contain cannabinoids that can be used for edibles, tinctures, hash or even rolling a leaf cigar – the possibilities are almost endless.

So there you have it – ten solid reasons why growing your own cannabis is worth considering. Save money, control quality, be self-sufficient and experiment with new strains and products while having fun learning along the way. What are you waiting for? Start growing today! Peace out.

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