10 Dope Date Ideas for Weed-Lovin’ Duos

10 Dope Date Ideas for Weed-Lovin' Duos

It’s no secret that smoking weed with your lover can lead to some pretty romantic moments. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top ten date ideas that are perfect for you and your bae to enjoy while stoned out of your minds.

First up on our list is visiting a planetarium. This may not be the most natural setting, but it’ll definitely make you feel like you’re one with the universe. And what could be better than gazing up at hundreds of makeshift stars while high as a kite?

Next, we suggest going on a junk food binge. Sure, you might usually opt for healthier snacks, but sometimes you just want to indulge in some greasy goodness. So why not hit up your favorite taco shop or whip up some stoner delicacies at home? Just make sure to share with your partner and binge in moderation.

If you’re feeling more low-key, consider dropping by your local vinyl store. There’s something special about enjoying music in tangible form – it’s a full sensory experience that will satisfy all your senses. So get high and take a stroll through the halls of your nearest vinyl shop to appreciate some little pieces of music history.

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For those who really love live music, we suggest going to a concert. Whether it’s a packed arena or a low-key jazz bar, there’s nothing quite like experiencing live music while high. Just pick the genre and setting that speaks to you and your partner.

Another great idea is getting a couple’s massage. Sure, topical creams won’t get you high, but they do offer therapeutic benefits that will make your body feel cared for as your mind drifts off. To take this experience to the next level, consider smoking some good indica before your massage.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy couple, we suggest going on a hike. Not only will you get to enjoy some fresh air and exercise, but you’ll also be able to take in some stunning views along the way. Just don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks to combat any dry mouth that might come with certain strains.

For those who love yoga, consider trying it while high with your partner. Yoga is already a calming activity, but doing it while stoned can be a completely unique and out-of-body experience. Plus, it’ll leave you feeling more relaxed and limber than ever before.

In this age of Netflix and chill, it can be easy to forget the joys of seeing a movie in theaters. But there’s something special about watching a film on the big screen with surround sound while blazed out of your mind. So grab some snacks and hit up your local cinema for a classic movie date night.

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If you’re feeling creative, why not attend an art class with your partner? Cannabis is known for enhancing creativity, so this could be the perfect opportunity for you both to showcase your artistic voice without any pressure from an instructor.

Last but not least, we suggest having some stoned sex with your partner. Cannabis has been proven to enhance sexual pleasure for many people, so why not give it a try? Just make sure to take things slow and communicate with each other before getting too high.

So there you have it – our top ten date ideas for cannabis-loving couples. We hope these tips will help strengthen your bond over some dank and lead to some unforgettable romantic moments. Now go out there and have some fun with your boo! And don’t forget – always smoke responsibly and obey local laws regarding cannabis consumption. Peace out!

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