10 Baddest Runtz Strains of 2023: A Lit Smoke Sesh

10 Baddest Runtz Strains of 2023: A Lit Smoke Sesh

Aiight, whatup fam, it’s ya boi Dan here and I’m bout to get into what’s poppin’ in the weed scene. Yall already know 2023 has been a big year for the cannabis community, and this list is gonna be droppin’ some of the hottest Runtz strains out there. Now I’m talkin’ about that fire, that dank, that kush that’ll make your eyes roll back and your head hit the clouds. These strains will be your new go-to for when you and yall crew wanna go for a lit smoke sesh, so listen up!

First off we got the Pink Runtz. This stuff is a straight up classic cross between Zkittlez and Gelato and brings with it a citrusy aroma and a smooth, creamy taste. This strain will have you feelin’ relaxed an’ ready to kick back an’ have a good time with yo friends. It’s one of the most popular Runtz out there right now, so you won’t wanna miss it.

Next we got the Platinum Runtz. This one’s a cross between Platinum Jelly and Runtz, and it offers delish terps that smell and taste like berry and grape with creamy vanilla and candy qualities. It’s a real nice smoke that won’t have you feelin’ too overwhelmed – it’ll just give you that perfect amount of chill for a kickback sesh with yall.

Third up on the list we got the Frozen White Runtz. The combination of White Runtz and Gelato 41 be droppin’ an intense terpene profile that’ll leave you wantin’ more. It’s got sweet notes of kush and candy along with those earthy flavors ya know ya love. It’s gonna give you an incredibly uplifting high that will keep yo head in the clouds for hours on end.

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Fourth we got the Grease Runtz. This one’s a cross between Grease Monkey and Runtz, bringing together a juicy resin content with mind-blowin’ production and potency. Grease Monkey is gonna give you one powerful hit – it’ll be nice at first but once it hits you it’ll have you feelin’ like yo body just melted away into a puddle of pure chill.

Now we move on to the Sherbert Runtz. This hybrid is created by crossing Sherbert with Runtz, giving you a sweet n’ sour flavor profile with hints of citrus and berry. This strain is gonna give you an uplifting high that’s perfect for any social gathering or dance party – it’ll get yall movin’ and groovin’ all night long!

Next up we got the Rainbow Runtz. This strain’s a cross between Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos, combinin’ the dankness of two heavy hitters into one. The high from this strain is super stoney yet still stimulating enough to leave you feeling energized but relaxed all at the same time. Perfect for when yall wanna hang out but don’t wanna get too wild!

Seventh we got the Tangerine Runtz. The combination of Tangerine Dream and Space Runtz combine to create tropical flavors with hints of citrus and mango along with creamy qualities of coconut and cream cheese frosting. It’s gonna hit you hard with a nice balanced high that will have yo body relaxed while yo mind stays alert – perfect for when ya wanna get lost in conversation with yo friends all night long!

Eighth we got the Banana Runtz. This hybrid is created by crossing Banana OG with Runtz, boasting sugary buds like banana bread topped with vanilla frosting. It has an incredibly uplifting high that’s perfect if ya just wanna kick back an’ take it easy – great for unwinding after a long day at work or school.

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Ninth on our list we got the Sour Runtz. This one’s a cross between Sour Diesel Bx3 and Runtz, giving off an intense flavor profile that combines lemonade with earthy diesel aromas. It has an incredible high that’ll leave ya feelin’ relaxed yet energized enough to take on any task that comes your way – ideal for when ya need to stay productive but still wanna enjoy those good vibes!

Last but not least we got the Watermelon Runtz. This hybrid is created by crossing Watermelon Zkittlez with Runtz, giving off a flavor profile similar to watermelon along with notes of OG Kush. The high from this strain is incredibly uplifting but still smooth enough to keep ya from getting too overwhelmed – great for those times when yall just want to chat an’ spend time together without getting wild.

So there ya have it fam – these are some of the baddest Runtz strains out there right now in 2023! If ya know what’s good for ya then ya better get yo hands on some of this fire as soon as possible so you can have yourself a lit smoke sesh with yall crew!

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