Don’t Give up for Lent. Give.

This week, we have a guest post from Laura Pearson at Edutude.net, talking about how to make Lent more meaningful for your family. In the period just before Easter, many Christians observe Lent. The Lenten season is typically associated with “giving up” a luxury like meat, chocolate, or wine. The practice is a way to recognize Jesus’ 40 day fast,…

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Thank you, Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump (because Dear The Donald just sounds awkward), I must thank you for being the first candidate to tackle one of the biggest issues of our time. It may, in fact, be the only one that really matters. I feel strongly about this. I don’t usually talk politics on this blog. It is my happy place. It is…

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The First Husband, a review

The First Husband, by Laura Dave, isn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, exactly, but Annie Adams has everything. A long term relationship with a guy she thinks she loves, the career of her dreams that takes her traveling all over the world and freedom, though she isn’t entirely sure what that means. But that all…

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Lunch Wars

Once upon a time, I was starting to get rather interested in the whole local foods thing. I wanted to measure the freshness of our food based on how long it took to harvest from our garden and set on the table rather than how long it took to ship from the farm, sit on the shelf and wait in…

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Advice sought

Well, this weekend is the Nebraska Writer’s Conference. I wasn’t going to go. I had no interest in going. In fact, I really didn’t care all that much about renewing my membership to the Nebraska Writer’s Guild this year. Now that it is here, however, I’m glad that somewhere in that fog I had some sense that I should not retreat…

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What happened

Deep breath. I can do this. I actually have already a few times. The first several times, I know the person on the other end of the line couldn’t decipher anything through my sobs. Fortunately, they were all gracious enough to express their condolences without asking me to go through it all again. It was a horrible, horrible accident and…

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