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Thank you, Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump (because Dear The Donald just sounds awkward),

I must thank you for being the first candidate to tackle one of the biggest issues of our time. It may, in fact, be the only one that really matters.

I feel strongly about this. I don’t usually talk politics on this blog. It is my happy place. It is my grieving place. It is about my little place in the country with all of its ups and downs. Politics hasn’t really found a home here. It’s just too . . . divisive. But sometimes you just have to stand up for what’s right and you, dear sir, are the first candidate to inspire me to take this humble little platform and do just that.

I must humbly confess that up to now, you have not been my favorite candidate. I just didn’t trust you. After all, you threw your support behind Hillary Clinton. I understand you’ve come clean on that. Something about being a man of business and knowing where your bread is buttered. And while I can see your point, I rather prefer a man of principle in office. A man who will back what’s right even to his own personal disadvantage. After all, John Hancock was one of the wealthiest men in the colonies who stood the most to lose and he still staked his life on a few principles that guide our nation yet. I’m sure he could have paid off a few people and gone on in relative peace, his fortune largely untouched, but that is neither here nor there. After all, that was only the British Monarchy he was standing up against.

And you’ve always seemed to me like a caricature of conservative values. Like the face behind all those forwarded emails and facebook posts that no one ever checks out before sharing with everyone on their friends list. I just never quite trusted that you were real.

But thanks to your recent stance on the Starbucks coffee cup crisis, I now know you are the man to lead this country in the right direction.

“I have one of the most successful Starbucks, in Trump Tower. Maybe we should boycott Starbucks? I don’t know. Seriously, I don’t care. That’s the end of that lease, but who cares? If I become president, we’re all going to be saying Merry Christmas again, that I can tell you. That I can tell you.” ~ Donald Trump

Pure Presidential poetry.

Because no one should be forced to drink overpriced coffee in a plain red cup this time of year. It’s time to finally get rid of holiday trees and season’s greetings for good. I want Christ’s name slapped on all of my holiday excesses and co-opted pagan symbols. And anyone who believes otherwise can just turn in their citizenship and move to the Republik of Kalifornia.

Thank you, Mr. Trump. For taking a stand for all of us.

Roscommon Acres

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The First Husband, a review

The First Husband, by Laura Dave, isn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, exactly, but Annie Adams has everything. A long term relationship with a guy she thinks she loves, the career of her dreams that takes her traveling all over the world and freedom, though she isn’t entirely sure what that means.

But that all comes crashing down when the guy breaks up with her. Armed with the advice to be the opposite of herself, Annie ends up married to someone else three months later. What seems an illogical rebound relationship mired in a series of complications forces her to rethink who she is, what she wants and what freedom really means.

And seriously, what is there not to love about moving into a house occupied by your brother-in-law and his twins who needed someplace to go after getting kicked out by his wife? And sleeping in a bedroom decorated by your new husband’s ex-girlfriend? And having a mother-in-law who sees you as evidence her son’s life is fallling apart?

She has built her life around escaping. It is even the theme of the travel column she writes. But after her breakup and subsequent marriage when her life really starts falling apart, it takes awhile to figure out which direction Annie is going to go. Is her first husband another escape she has to somehow deal with when she is ready to go “home?” Or is her first husband the anchor she desperately needs?

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It didn’t really leave me with any lasting thoughts to ponder, but I did want to find out what happened as Annie gradually discovered who she was.

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.”

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Tiggy’s House road trip . . . we’d like to meet you!

Now that we have a house sitter lined up, I am excited to announce that we are planning a little road trip at the end of February! We’ll be on the road from February 20 to February 27 and heading south to San Antonio. Mattias birthday is on the 23rd and we wanted to do something special to mark the day. We have already made arrangements to meet up with a couple of families that have been an encouragement to us and have a couple of dessert parties planned for the fellowship and as a fundraiser for Tiggy’s House. And it seemed like such a fun idea, we decided to see if anyone else would like to join in!

If you live anywhere between Lincoln, Nebraska and San Antonio, Texas and would be interested in organizing a brunch/soup/chocolate/braiding/game night/whatever-sounds-good-to-you party, send me an email (dhanleyATtiggyshouseDOTcom) and we’ll see if we can work out a schedule and visit with as many people as we can.

What is involved?

  1. Decide what you wouldl like to do (brunch, soup, chocolate, braiding, games or whatever).
  2. Invite your friends over for a time of fellowship.
  3. Ask them to bring a dish and a suggested donation. (My mom did $10 at the one she did and it was quite successful, but you know what would be most appropriate in your circle of friends!)
  4. We’ll come over and enjoy the time of fellowship together and hopefully raise a little money for Tiggy’s House at the same time!

Don’t feel like you have to raise hundreds of dollars to make it worth stopping at your house. We’re making the trip anyway and we really would like to meet some of the wonderful people who have been so incredibly supportive to us over the last year. Anything we are able to raise in addition to that is just like icing on the cake!

We can just chat if you like, or we have a bit of a piece put together on grief to help people know a little what it is like and how they can help friends and acquintances going through difficult times. Of course we’ll talk a little about Tiggy’s House. And if there is anything else we might be competent to talk about, just ask!

If you would like to host a braiding party, let me know. I would love to bring my marudai and enough Kumihimo disks for everyone. I would have to charge $10 per person for that rather than leaving it strictly to donation, but everyone will be able to make a bracelet to take home with them and keep their Kumihimo disk to make as many as they would like at home. I would also love to give a lesson to your homeschool group! (I would also need an approximate count as soon as possible to be sure I can order enough in.)

If you have any questions or would like to start trying to work out a time and a date for us to stop by, drop me a note here in the comments, on Facebook or via my email: dhanleyATtiggyshouseDOTcom (replace the letters in all caps for the appropriate punctuation.)

And if you live in another part of the country and this sounds like something you’d like to do, let us know! Of course, you don’t need us, but if you would like us to visit, we may plan one of these again sometime and head a different direction.

All money raised will be donated to Tiny Hands International toward the construction of Tiggy’s House, a children’s Home in Nepal to fight poverty and sex-trafficking.

Thank you so much!

reasons to homeschool

Advice sought

Well, this weekend is the Nebraska Writer’s Conference. I wasn’t going to go. I had no interest in going. In fact, I really didn’t care all that much about renewing my membership to the Nebraska Writer’s Guild this year. Now that it is here, however, I’m glad that somewhere in that fog I had some sense that I should not retreat from the world entirely and that April might look a whole lot different than January.

Except for one thing.

I still do not know what to read aloud.

Last year, my readers selected an entry for me, In which I beat of a coyote with a box of Rice Chex. It was a good choice. It was my very first public reading and my audience laughed in all the right places. That was an incredible boost to my confidence as a writer and quelled some of my fears of some day going out in the “real” world to market a book.

But this year, I am again stuck. And I am again asking for your input. I have ten minutes to share a sample of my writing which consists mostly of this blog.

Which entry would you recommend?