169081_10150127272214245_1883501_nWelcome to Roscommon Acres!  My name is Dana Hanley and I am a home educating mother of six children.  When we began homeschooling, I thought we’d be doing school at home.  I’d teach, my children would learn and the big difference would be the location.  Sure, there’d be that nice stuff about catering to my children’s needs, family togetherness, keeping our focus on God and all that, but I essentially thought homeschooling would be the same in function just different in form. What I didn’t expect was how much this adventure would change me and my views on family, parenting, education and society.  I didn’t expect life to become so . . . intentional.

I’ve blogged about homeschooling, our hobby farm and most recently the grief of losing a son. And then, slowly, blogging drifted into the background somewhere and my humble little space here rarely got updated. Why am I trying to revive it now? I’ve asked myself that often, especially since it seems no one reads or comments on blogs anymore. So what do I do? I decide to restart mine AND break most of the blogging rules I know. But I’m not here to launch a career or make a living from my blog. I’m here for the discussion. So I plan to write about what I’m thinking and the guiding vision for this blog is more about upholding principles of good discussion and respectful dialog than it is about any one particular topic.

So if you like to just talk about stuff, pop in and add your thoughts. I’m Christian. I’m conservative. I homeschool. I’ve lost a child. I expect these themes will come up often as I try to integrate my beliefs with my teaching and my actions. But everyone is welcome to share their perspective, so long as it is respectful. You can subscribe to my feed here or keep up with me on facebook. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Why Roscommon Acres?

rn-roscommon-county-sign-620x350I’m so glad you asked!  Perhaps it is from too much Anne Shirley (of Anne of Green Gables) as a kid, but I have always had a fascination with naming houses.  I’ve just never lived in a place that seemed to warrant naming.  This house is different, however.  We will be putting a lot of work into this little home, and it represents so much more than simply shelter as we restructure our lives for this journey.  So with thoughts of the future and respect for tradition, we finally settled on Roscommon Acres.  You see, our family name actually originated in County Roscommon, Ireland.  “Ros” means a gentle, wooded height, which fits nicely with our plans for an orchard on our little hill.  “Coman” is the name of the County’s saint.  Wikipedia says he’s famous, but I can’t attest to that.


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  1. Richard Gerling says:

    I was playing around with google and came across your site. Just thought you might be interested in the fact that there is a 16 year-old mini-poodle mix named Roscommon here in Florida. He came to me from Coastal Poodle Rescue nearly 8 years ago. I adopted him near St. Patrick’s Day so I wanted an Irish name for him. The poodle people had tagged him Ross and he already answered to it, so Roscommon he became. He’s partly blind and deaf now, but he still wears his hats and sunglasses proudly.
    Richard Gerling

  2. ashley says:

    I’m sure you get this often, and being that your dear son became an angel a few years ago it must be hard to get strangers commenting daily about it, however I have to say that your are one of the strongest women I’ve ever…. came across I guess? Your posts on your whole ordeal made me cry while I was at work. My number one concern has always been the dressers, and your story only made me more sure of that worry. I find your blog in pintrest while researching red clover recipes and I saw your jellies and thought how wonderful I found a great blog! And I soon found myself reading a good number of posts. I commend you for how you handled your older son and his guilt, amazing really. So I had to reach out, your in my thoughts today, you and your little twiggy.

    Ashley xoxox

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