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How we homeschool preschool at Roscommon Acres

I don’t know why preschool seems such a stressful time for homeschoolers, but I see this question often: “What curriculum do you use for preschool?” I always just want to reach through the computer screen and give y’all a big hug and let you know it’s going to be OK. They don’t need curriculum. Save what you think you want…

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Everything you need to homeschool preschool (and you probably don’t need to buy anything at all)

Sitting around chatting with other homeschoolers, they almost invariably ask, “So what curriculum do you use to homeschool your preschooler?” And I stumble around for words, trying to explain what it is exactly we do. I know it comes out sounding more like, “Oh, we don’t do anything at all!” Except that isn’t true. What I really want to say…

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