Raising all weather children in the country

For some reason, my children do not like playing in the snow.  They ignore me when I suggest they go outside and play.  They whine when the suggestions become stronger.  They grumble as they put on their snowsuits, and they do so only after being bribed with hot cocoa.  I think the problem is that our yard here in town…

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Is our culture too overprotective of children?

Grandparents in West El Paso, Texas left their five grandchildren home alone while they ran into town to “take care of some business.”  The eldest was thirteen, the youngest four.  They never expected to receive a call there at the IRS from the fire department telling them they had to come home. They never expected their house to catch on…

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Is it a parent’s duty to do the best for their children?

I don’t really know what “good enough” parenting is.  Maybe it is a British thing, but apparently it is something of enough concern to the UK that the government funded some research which concluded that better parenting leads to better adjusted children. ‘The notion of “good enough” parenting may seem ideal in today’s hectic world, yet the reality is that…

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Homeschooling causes eating disorders

So Much Straw recently addressed one of my deepest fears as a homeschooling parent, and one I have heard echoed in many conversations with other homeschoolers. What if it doesn’t work? We all want what is best for our children.  We’ve made the sacrifice to educate them at home.  Others make the financial sacrifice to send their children to private…

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