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Politician falsely accused of homeschooling

telephoneEvery election year brings with it an abundance of falsities and campaign ads which, well, skew the views of the opposition to the extreme.  This one has to take the cake, however:

Councilman Seth Morgan of Ohio’s 36th District homeschools his children!

The horror!  I can almost hear the sneer in her voice as Ms. Wojcik, president of the Western Ohio Education Association, accuses Morgan of homeschooling and asks residents to join her in voting for Charles Mortan.  Even though she is not a district resident and is not able to vote in the district.

So, do you think there is enough time left for him to blot out the stain false homeschooling allegations have left before the election?  Or is it all over for Councilman Morgan whose only school-aged child attends kindergarten at a local public school?

Or has the NEA and its various state associations completely lost touch with what lies arguments are likely to motivate people into voting for their candidates?