Homeschooler to world: I have a dream

I’m sure most of you who hadn’t already stumbled across these videos when I started posting them have gone ahead and watched all four by now, but I figure they’re worth a second viewing…or even a third.

Now the world is collapsing for these young homeschooled kids, who sort of seem like they could live next door.  Or, uh, maybe in my house as I watch ninja Gary jump around with his canned air. But he has a dream:

My hope is that one day females will learn to appreciate homeschoolers.  Sure, it may take them awhile, until they’re old and mature, to learn to appreciate the fact that we have read Lord of the Rings five times.  That we can spell big words like “arachnophobia.”  Or that we know that Homer wasn’t always a Simpson.

Discover the dream he clings to.

And then, just when you thought it was safe to email a girl in the basement of your home, well, what does a homeschooler do when they get out into the big, wide world?  I guess you need to get psyched up to leave the basement first.

You can do it Grant.  We’re all pulling for you.

And just as I thought it was safe to post, I noticed number five is already up.  Remember that Samantha was homeschooled, too?  Well, she has a father.  And as weird as homeschooled kids are, you know the parents have got to have issues.

If you would like to keep track of these homeschoolers taking their first tentative steps into the world outside their cloistered existence, you can keep an eye on PaperClip Films videos.


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Anti-Social Homeschoolers, the sequel

When we last met Grant, he had been IMed by a girl.  Being homeschooled, neither he nor his companions knew quite how to deal with this surprise.  Thanks to virtual communication, there is always a second chance with a follow up email.

Samantha, thou art a handsome woman.

What can go wrong with a start like that?