A Field Guide to Homeschoolers

Unexpected encounters with homeschoolers outside their enclosures can be disconcerting. They typically start with generalized anxiety induced by seeing children outside during school hours and quickly progress to a host of questions the startled observer feels need to be answered. What about socialization? Is that even legal? What about the prom? This pushes the wary homeschooler into a defensive posture…

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A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unhappiness

School is well underway for most of us, and we are far enough into the year to begin feeling behind. Stressed, we begin looking over the fence at the Jones’, where the grass is always greener and the children never whine. Meeting with other homeschoolers brings a mixture of encouragement and feelings of inadequacy as we begin to second guess…

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Reasons to homeschool

Summer of Mom is Teaching asked for eight reasons why we homeschool. That’s easy. 1. I love discussing the socialization of my children with total strangers. 2. HSLDA alerts? Pure poetry. How could I get through my day without reading them at least four times? Once via my email. Once via an internet forum. Okay, maybe twice that way. And…

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