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What you get for buying cheap

With Easter, a wedding and summer heat coming, my son was in need of a bit of a haircut. My husband, stylist that he is, pulled out the clippers. Yes, he does hair just about as well as he does lawns.

See,a few minutes after he started clipping, the clippers died. The battery takes several hours to charge so he was stuck with the cut overnight. And the next day, a few minutes after he started clipping, the clippers died yet again. So we were sort of stuck. Sometime tomorrow, he shall don a hat to accompany me on a search for a nicer pair of clippers, thus serving as a reminder that in attempts at frugality, there are considerations beyond just the dollar signs.

The poor little guy failed to see any humor in it at first, and Saturday was a rough day full of teasing from siblings and my little Bear overreacting to the provocation. I asked if I could take a picture, just for him for later, and got quite a bearish growl in return.

So I decided to leave that. Even as a so-called “mommy blogger,” I have some respect for my children’ boundaries.

But then today, out of the blue, he said with a slight grin,

“Mom, I guess you can take a picture. But just to send it to grandma. I’d better not see it on your blog.”

“OK, sweetheart,” I answered, trying not to laugh.

And then, after I took the pictures, he said somewhat shyly,

“Oh, alright. You can put it on your blog, too. But you better only say nice things.”

Apparently, his sense of humor takes about two days of humility to begin to come out. That and the ability to be featured on my blog. That, dear readers, is the highlight of my children’s week: when they see a story about them published here to my blog. And with this, he knew he had a free ticket into the spotlight.