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Candidate attacks opponent’s pro-homeschool stance

Senator Tony Fulton is a conservative Republican running for legislature in Nebraska’s 29th district, covering a pretty conservative section of the capital city.  He is also well-known around here because of his support of homeschoolers during LB1141, a bill introduced this year which would have required homeschoolers to submit to greater state oversight.  This history isn’t viewed as favorably by…

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Why I am not impressed with Chuck Baldwin

Sprittibee hates talking about politics, and yet she can’t seem to stop.  I love talking about politics, and yet I just haven’t desired to wade into those waters.  But I’ve been asked so I thought I would answer. There is a rather popular idiom common to Western nations, but peculiarly prevalent in American politics which summarizes the way many of…

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Politician falsely accused of homeschooling

Every election year brings with it an abundance of falsities and campaign ads which, well, skew the views of the opposition to the extreme.  This one has to take the cake, however: Councilman Seth Morgan of Ohio’s 36th District homeschools his children! The horror!  I can almost hear the sneer in her voice as Ms. Wojcik, president of the Western…

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