I am a mommyblogger, or Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Preparing for the Nebraska Writer’s Guild Spring Conference, I took out my purse–an oversized, faux leather monstrosity purchased because absolutely everything fits in it–and began to pack. Out came the diapers, the diaper wipes, the extra outfit for the two year old, the extra pants for the baby. In went two pens, a notebook, directions and the piece I planned…

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Is blogging killing communication?

I have been doing a bit of reading recently about the internet, communities and the concept of virtual communities which develop over time.  The internet seems to offer an incredible ability for us to connect regardless of geographical boundaries.  To find information on a broad range of topics and often to find first hand accounts of how the stories we…

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On blogging, dirty laundry and respect

Penny Raine recently posted a nice entry on Respectful Mom Blogging, citing some of her concerns she has with blogs which perhaps reveal too much about the young children placed in our care and the “dirty laundry” some seem to feel compelled to air.  It’s good advice, but I stumble over a couple of the “rules.” I don’t share a…

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