Do homeschoolers care too much?

Being knocked out of Internet-land by my ISP sort of hampered my ability to jump in on the conversation a bit surrounding The Case Against Homeschooling, but that is OK. If that is at all a good summary of the faults of homeschooling, I think we as homeschoolers are pretty safe. His follow-up provides more of an actual argument…or at…

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Should homeschoolers stick with the system?

Amy Platon of Scribble Ink Cafe had an article published in the Orlando Sentinel advsing homeschoolers to stick with the system. I have much respect for parents who take matters into their own hands in an effort to protect their child. But when it comes to home-schooling, I’m worried about the big picture. The “big picture” appears to consist of…

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He’s Here: Birth Announcement

Mattias Ryker (Gift of God) – (Strength) Born: 02/23/09 @ 11:14am 9lbs 3oz – 21 1/2” For the rest of the story: see how I almost missed my baby’s birthday.


Why I am not impressed with Chuck Baldwin

Sprittibee hates talking about politics, and yet she can’t seem to stop.  I love talking about politics, and yet I just haven’t desired to wade into those waters.  But I’ve been asked so I thought I would answer. There is a rather popular idiom common to Western nations, but peculiarly prevalent in American politics which summarizes the way many of…

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How do you teach Columbus Day?

I’m just curious.  Do you teach Columbus as the evil conqueror who brought disease, death and cultural annihilation to the New World?  Or as the hero and great explorer who discovered the New World and brought civilization to it?  Or something in between? We studied Columbus a few years ago using predominantly his own journal which was rather interesting.  We…

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