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Are you trying to teach German to your junior high or high school students? Has it led to a frustration with the low quality of text books and language learning materials available for home study? Have you tried to utilize the amazing amount of free content available on the internet, but became overwhelmed with the choices and sheer volume of information? Those are the exact reasons I started putting this course together for my own children and decided to share it with anyone else who is seeking to teach or learn German at home. Directions for how to enroll are below! (If you have a younger student ready for an introduction to German, check out my free online German course for younger students.)

Learn German at Home for free

There is a forum attached to each lesson that allows you to ask questions, interact with each other and upload assignments. I will not grade these or correct them, but will provide feedback and may use the mistakes I see to guide future lessons.

What you will need:

(Note: This course is for one semester, but these materials will get you through the first year. The dictionary listed is good enough for four years of high school German.)

• A good German-English dictionary. I recommend Langenscheidt.

• A binder with five dividers.

Wildes Deutschland, a collection of short texts for the beginning German student, by Dana Hanley. Also available on Currclick.

Bobo Siebenschläfer, von Markus Osterwalder (make sure it is the version linked). I have permission from the author to read the chapters aloud in this course, so it will serve as a nice textbook!

And consider joining the course’s facebook page for some extra practice and a chance to ask questions!

Und das wär’s! (And that’s it!) For less than the cost of a traditional textbook, you should have a pretty good German language curriculum, especially if you can find someone to practice with. I look forward to helping you learn this beautiful language!

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  • Before You Begin 

    Everything you need to get the most from this course.

  • Kapitel 1: Introduction to German 

    In this module, you will begin learning the sounds that make up the German language.

    • Kultur: The First Day of School
    • Introductions
    • The Alphabet
    • German pronunciation, -ch
    • Formal or Informal?
    • Die Zahlen bis Zehn (Numbers to Ten)
    • Eins, Zwei, Polizei
    • Quiz 1
    • Friday is Movie Day! TroTro das kleine Monster
  • Kapitel 2: Stell dir vor! 

    This week, we will start learning some core vocabulary and simple sentences.

    • Word order, or The Basic German Sentence
    • Colors, or die Farben
    • German pronunciation: The Umlaute
    • Grün, Grün, Grün Sind Alle Meine Kleider
    • Der, Die oder Das? Gender in German Nouns
    • German pronunciation: German Diphthongs
    • Conjugating regular German verbs
    • Color word flashcards
    • Color Quiz
    • Movie Day! TroTro’s Spielsachen
  • Kapitel 3: Wie geht's? 

    By the end of this module, you should be able to have a simple conversation, with guidance.

    • Körperteile (body parts)
    • Definition: What is inflection?
    • Sein, the verb “to be”
    • Haben, the verb “to have”
    • Wie geht’s? (How are you?)
    • The nominative case
    • The accusative case
    • Practice with the accusative case
    • Get your books ready!
    • Friday Movie: Tro Tro wäscht sich
  • Kapitel 4: Bei mir zu Hause. 

    Round and about the house.

    • Das Monster, a Review
    • Bei Bobo zu Haus
    • Das Haus
    • German Accusative Prepositions
    • Wohnen vs. Leben
    • Mein Zimmer/My Room
    • Practicing your conversation skills
    • Tro Tro spielt im Haus
  • Kapitel 5: Meine Familie und ich. 

    All about your family

    • Kultur: Oktoberfest
    • Counting to 100
    • Asking Questions in German
    • The family tree
    • Writing Practice: Die Familie
    • Die Toilette
    • Simple directions
    • Die Familie – Quiz
    • Movie Day! TroTro der kleine Papa
  • Kapitel 6: Was isst du gern? 

    Food and drink in Germany

    • Listening to directions
    • Gern
    • Essen und Getränk (Food and drink)
    • Expressing Wishes: The Modal Auxiliary Verb Möchten
    • Mahlzeit!
    • Backe, Backe Kuchen
    • Practice!
    • Try a German Recipe
    • This Week’s Movie: Kuchen ala TroTro
  • Kapitel 7: Wir gehen einkaufen! 

    Getting dressed and trying things on.

    • Die Wochentage
    • Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
    • Laurentia, liebe Laurentia (Days of the week)
    • German Irregular Verbs
    • Die Küche/the Kitchen flash cards
    • Bobo geht einkaufen
    • Verbs with a separable prefix
    • Practice
    • Movie Day! Bobo im Fernsehen
  • Kapitel 8: Wann hast du Geburtstag? 

    Someone's having a party and you are invited!

    • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday!)
    • Monate und Jahreszeiten (Months and seasons)
    • Wie spät ist es? (What time is it?)
    • Ordinal numbers
    • Writing the date in German
    • Invitations
    • Movie Day! TroTro kauft ein
  • Pause -- Es ist Herbstferien! 

    What do you like to do?

    • Ferien!
  • Kapitel 10: Haustiere 

    What time is it?

    • Numbers 1 – 1,000
    • Comparitives and Superlatives
    • Comparative and superlative forms of gern
    • Forming independent clauses in German
    • Reading comprehension
  • Kapitel 11: Wir gehen zur Schule 

    Going to school in Germany

    • The German school system
    • The German School Day
    • What is the dative case in German?
    • Forming the dative case in German
    • Indefinite articles
    • Kein, nein, nicht und ohne
  • Kapitel 12: Wie ist das Wetter? 

    All about the weather.

    • Months of the year
  • Kapitel 13: Wir gehen in die Stadt. 

    Out and about in a German city

    • Asking for directions
  • Kapitel 14: Wollen wir ins Kino gehen? 

    Going to the movies.

    • Modal verbs
  • Kapitel 15: Weihnachten in Deutschland. 

    Christmas in Germany

    • Traditions

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