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Required Texts

There are two required texts for this class. You do NOT need a textbook. (Note: This list contains affiliate links, mostly to make sure you know exactly which books I’m referring to, but should you purchase through these links, I get a small percentage for the referral. It does not cost you any extra.)

  1. Bobo Siebenschläfer. This is actually a children’s picture book, but it covers basic vocabulary and simple grammar in context. The illustrations support the text well, aiding in comprehension. Best, once you have mastered this book, you will have a pretty good working vocabulary for a first year German student, as well as a good start on the grammar required.
  2. Wildes Deutschland. Again, this will help learn German vocabulary and grammar in context. It contains 25 short texts about wildlife that can be found in Germany. Since I wrote it, I do not have to worry about copyright violations if I record myself reading it or if I create worksheets from the text. They start out very easy and gradually get more difficult.

And that’s it!

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This course introduces German to younger students through stories, songs and short videos, many of which are the very same stories and songs loved by German children. Each week will have new songs and stories based on a vocabulary theme. Instructions for how to enroll are below! (If you have an older student ready for something closer to high school German, check out my free online German course for high school.)

Learn German at Home for free

Wildes Deutschland, a collection of short texts for the beginning German student, by Dana Hanley.

Bobo Siebenschläfer, von Markus Osterwalder (make sure it is the version linked). I have permission from the author to read the chapters aloud in this course, so it will serve as a nice textbook!

• And consider joining the course’s facebook page for some extra practice and a chance to ask questions!

Note: Enrolling is a two step process. First, register for the site using this form. Then make sure to click “Enroll.” The first module will be available August 28! If you have any trouble, drop me a note and I will help you get signed up.

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  • Before You Begin 

    Everything you need to get the most from this course.

  • Kapitel 1: Introduction to German 

    In this module, you will begin learning the sounds that make up the German language.

    • Kultur: The First Day of School
    • Das Alphabet
    • Eins, Zwei, Polizei
    • Movie Day! TroTro das kleine Monster
  • Kapitel 2: Die Farben 

    This week, we will start learning some core vocabulary and simple sentences.

    • Grün, Grün, Grün Sind Alle Meine Kleider – Learning Colors
    • Brauner Bär, Wen siehst denn du?
    • Color flashcards
    • Movie Day! TroTro’s Spielsachen
  • Kapitel 3: Wie geht's? 

    By the end of this module, you should be able to have a simple conversation, with guidance.

    • Körperteile (body parts)
    • Der Bauer schickt den Jockel aus
    • Friday Movie: Tro Tro wäscht sich
  • Bei Bobo zu Haus 

    • Das Monster, a Review
    • Bei Bobo zu Haus
    • Alle Leut’
    • Tro Tro spielt im Haus
  • Die Familie 

    • Die Fingerfamilie
    • Simple directions
    • Numbers to 20
    • TroTro der kleine Papa
  • Backe, Backe Kuchen 

    • Backe, Backe Kuchen
    • Kuchen ala TroTro
  • Days of the Week and Shopping 

    • Laurentia, liebe Laurentia (Days of the week)
    • Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
    • Story Time! Bobo geht einkaufen.
    • Movie! Bobo geht einkaufen
  • Months and Seasons 

    • Months of the year
    • Seasons
    • TroTro kauft ein.

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