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HIPPY program offers head start for at-risk youth

Once in awhile, it surprises me how close legislators and education leaders can come to “getting it” without really getting it.  Take the issue of school readiness.  Unfortunately, many of our young people who struggle the most academically have been behind since before their first day of kindergarten.  A number of programs, frequently focused on quality daycare or younger start…

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What’s the matter with kids today?

What’s the matter with kids today?  Well, Chris Erskine of the LA Times shares some thoughts, anyway.  I think we are supposed to relate…hopefully you don’t, really, but I did struggle to not spew forth my mouthful of Assam over Erskine’s observation that perhaps there might be a better way. “Maybe we should home-school him,” I tell Posh after the…

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State Board of Ed woes

September 22, the State Board of Education will be conducting its final interviews to replace Doug Christensen as Commissioner of Education.  I personally liked Christensen.  I don’t know what his stance was on home education, but he fought valiantly for Nebraska’s STARS system and resisted education chairman Ron Raikes’ bill to require a single, statewide assessment.  He even had to…

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Homeschool stereotypes vs. public school realities

This whole exploration of my personal educational history started with a satire piece written over at the Winston-Salem Journal by one Mike Koivisto.  Who won the Write Scott Hollifield’s Column While He is On Vacation or Performing His Court-Ordered Community Service Contest with his indictment of homeschooling through an overdone stereotype.  I began it the only way such a thing…

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The death of local control in Nebraska

According to US Census Data (excel sheet, Table 11), Nebraska ranks 48th in the nation in per pupil spending for education, spending just $3,080 per student, well below the national average. Total spending, however, places us at 24th with $8282 spent per pupil. The difference is made up predominantly by local sources demonstrating not a lack of commitment to education…

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Are good schools “Not as Good as You Think?”

Affluence is supposed to equal education, right? After all, parents all over the country scrimp and save to purchase houses above their means, believing that access to education depends on zip code. An interesting study out challenges that perception. Marin County, CA, for example, has the highest per capita income of any zip code and the highest density of BMWs…

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