helping children navigate life
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How to Help Your Child Navigate Life

Children grow up. They move out. And they bring with them the not-so-quiet confidence of youth not yet tempered by experience. How they navigate life through the transition depends a lot on the relationship you have built with them up to this point. We are standing at the cusp of this transition with our eldest. The subtle shifting from directing…

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I homeschool to give them just enough

Parenting is a tough job and homeschooling is like parenting on steroids. You have these llittle beings in your care that you love more than life itself. You strive to guide them, to teach them, to encourage them, to inspire them. You want to help them build strong foundations that will carry them through the storms of life. And sometimes…

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Can you cheat at good parenting?

I’m wondering because someone at church thought I must train my children well because of something they did but I sort of set the whole thing up. But I guess I should back up a bit. See, there’s this lady at church. I’ve always lliked her, though I never really knew her. She’s older. Well, OK, she’s elderly. But I…

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I want to be a better parent

Teeth brushed, pajamas on, prayers said, bedtime. Then it begins. “Mo-om! LE hit me!” “Mo-om! LE dumped her water on my blanket!” “Mo-om! LE won’t stop screaming!” “Mo-om! LE won’t stop talking!” “MO-OM!!!” Then little footsteps on the stair as LE comes up to the gate. “Mommy, Bug hit me.” I can’t count how many times I walked up and…

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